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Corona 8 new features overview.



MichaƂ here from CG BBQ.

A new video about new features of Corona 8 is coming on our baby-channel. :)

Don't let the upcoming release surprise you! Tom will be taking all the new features coming in Corona 8 for 3ds Max and putting them to a test. We'll be slicing, scattering, and putting stickers on fancy cars. Don't miss out and stay tuned for the full video!

We'll cover the following new features:
- Decal objects
- Slicer material
- UVW randomization by polygon
- PhysicalMtl tall parameter for reflections
- Chaos Scatter (currently Corona Scatter aka. CScatter)


The video is out!

What to expect from Corona renderer 8?

We're taking a deep dive into the upcoming Corona 8. With the release around the corner be sure to be prepared for what's to come. In this video, Tom will guide you through all the major new features and try them out in production.

I hope you will find it useful. :)

More vids are coming so see you soon!


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