Author Topic: Very slow network rendering (backburner) scene parsing takes mins!  (Read 2018 times)

2021-02-16, 13:24:13


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Hi, when rendering a 4000 frame animation,

6 x servers are taking average 3:40/frame pulling all files from Synology NAS over gigabit network.

Local PC is taking 2:00 or less pulling all files from internal HDD.

Is that differnece just the network speed?  Would 10gig network sort that out?

Is the synology NAS the bottleneck? Not able to dish out files to 6 computers simultaneously?  Would a dedicated workstation/server do a better job on current gigabit network?


2021-02-16, 14:43:00
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My only thought is that antivirus / firewall software (including the built-in Windows stuff) can sometimes slow such network traffic down. Maybe it would be a good idea to check what happens if you disable all antivirus / firewall software completely for a while and compare the speeds?
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