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Deformation Motion Blur not working


deformation blur is not working in the final release.
Is this a bug or is this supposed to never work in C4D.
As corona4C4D has the same pricetag as max, it should offer more or less the same features, right?

Hi, Currently it's not a bug as it's not yet supported but it is planned. We have such a large feature request list that it's hard to include everything at once. Some features take time to get right and require researching etc and when you do they can sometimes trigger other bugs or crashes etc. Keep in mind that the plugin will constantly be evolving and with that new features will be added as time passes. In regards to your topic, can you share some examples for us? Thanks.

i know that some features take time and motion blur is not an easy task. But it is essential in a modern render engine, and it is working in max. So it is not a crazy idea from an artist who wants a feature that nobody else needs. :)
I have to say that I´m overall quite happy with the development and the implementation in C4D, so good job, thanks!

I uploaded a file for you to play around with deformation blur:

hope this helps and keep up the good work.


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