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Volumetric environment bug (?) issue



I discovered weird difference between corona environment volume fog material scene render compared to volume fog material added to cube object. It's noticeable for large fog scenes for distance above less more 100 meters.

I uploaded test scene. Short description below:

I made scene with ten area lights cloned linear on 200 m distance ( 20 meters gaps between the lights ). I added volume fog material to environment tab. The outcome render shows that not all lights have fog volumetric cones shapes - render below:

I turned off environment fog and added huge cube object to the scene ( 250mx250mx20m height dimensions ) and added the same volumetric materia to it. Render looks fine, please see image below:


Hi there, try turning off "fast preview denoise during render" in the performance settings. This should do the trick for you! ;)


Thank you for the solution. I have to install latest Corona version. Now I use Version: B2 (core 3) so maybe this bug is fixed now. I'm going to check new version.

Best regards


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