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C4D Crash when closing Corona VFB too fast

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Often, when I Stop or Cancel Rendering in the corona VFB and hit the X immediatly after that, cinema Crashes with an error message that the corona Plugin has crashed.
Unfortunatly I forgot to take a screenshot (will do if it happens again) but i uploaded the bug report via the uploader (1545035782_bugreports.rar).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start rendering/previewing a (ideally large/polygon heavy) scene
2. After a while hit stop/cancel and immediatly after that hit the X to close the VFB-Window.

My Specs:


Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Oct 31 2018 17:15:05
Version: B2 (core 3)
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R18.057 S


OS: Wiondows 10
Intel Core i9 7940X @3,1GHz
RAM: 64GB DDR4, 2666MHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti

Thanks for checking!


I had the same issue. But it didn't happen during the last days/weeks.

MacOS 10.13.6
C4D R20
Build timestamp: Oct 31 2018

yes.. .it is crashing when stop during render in start calculation processing, before the passes start.


MacOs 10.13.6 / Build timestamp: Oct 31 2018 17:24:08 / Version: B2 (core 3) / CINEMA 4D Studio R18.057

I  noticed when you click "cancel" in the "missing texture" dialog when starting a render, corona plugin & c4d crash. Might be related.

Hi guys,

For those that have been having this crash, can you send us your bug reports and minidump files to our private uploader?

Private Uploader:



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