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Batch Editing Images with Corona Image Editor

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My apologies! Seems I need Corona 1.6 Hotfix 1!


Yes, the command-line version of the editor has been added in the 1.6.1 hotfix version.

Very nice feature.....Thanks

I have a question actually. Yesterday we had a little job in rush, (it was only 30 seconds). And we needed denoise applied, so we sent it to the renderfarm and saved cxr. Then after downloading all files, I ran the script. The problem is it was slower than doing by hand. And as the job was in a little rush, opened and applied the pp file and saved all by hand since it was almost twice as fast as the script. That computer is i7-7700 32RAM. so I do not think that was the issue. Is there any way to solve this?

--- Quote from: maru on 2017-06-09, 10:04:59 ---By popular demand, we have just released a script which allows you to batch edit CXR images with the Corona Image Editor.
Example use: save 100 frames of an animation in .cxr format, perform specific post processing operations and denoising on all of them, and output them in .png format.

The script comes with a help file and an example CXR, which you can experiment with.

The script can be downloaded here: [ LINK ]

Here is also a general guide on the CIE:

-Corona Image Editor installed
-Active Corona Renderer license

--- End quote ---

Hi, by "doing by hand" you mean opening the image in CIE and denoising it there? Are you denoising all elements, or just some selected ones? Please, could you share the image (and the postprocessing conf file) so I can inspect what is going on? You can use our private uploader for that:


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