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Team Render Problems

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The A6 release will include Team renderer support (with some "hacks" trying to fix the problems). Distributed renderer integration is planned after A6 release.

sounds awesome, really looking forward to the next release!

still having problems with teamrender with the last alpha Version: A6 daily Sep 30 2016 (core 1.5 DailyBuild Sep 30 2016)

Team Render continues to be unimpressive (CGTalk thread)

Either Corona Distributed Rendering...
...or learn to live with Maxon's Team problems as it's obvious that many (profiteers) use words for their looks & feels, sprouting emotions, spectacle... VS truth, meaning, form & existence (morphology)

If you go thoroughly through the talks, you'll find quite a few members who opened and explained (income dependent on farms) why changing their career path was the obvious choice since the introduction of the Team Render.

Lets wait for DR to be implemented in corona for c4d...


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