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    Hi everybody!

    I released new LightLister for Corona Renderer!
    Script version is dead.

    In max 2012 not integrated C# libraries in Setup. Therefore you need download and install this is libraries yourself:

    DOWNLOAD v1.2.1
    MIRROR 1
    Build changelog:

    • Supporting Post-1.0 Daily builds
    • Supporting "SelfIllumination" property of material
    • Little changes in UI
    • Remove the Menu action (you have to add this manually)
    • Fixed some bugs

    If there are problems or mistakes, write with the most detailed description here.

    When you see such a warning to do so:,404.msg28954.html#msg28954

    or this method:
    To unblock a Web assembly:
    • Close 3dsMax
    • Using Windows Explorer, browse to the assembly that you downloaded from the Web and CoronaLightLister_201x.dll and mmMaxControls.dll.
    • Right-click the assembly, and from the shortcut menu, select Properties.
    • The Properties dialog box opens.
    • On the General tab, click the Unblock button to indicate that this assembly is trusted. Note: The Unblock button will not appear if the assembly is already unblocked and available.
    • Click OK to close the Properties dialog box.
    • Start 3dsMax

    A simple script GradientCoronaLight that adds additional rollout in CoronaLight.
    Tested in 2014x64
    ! Work with BerconMaps plugin only!
    Just copy to "3dsmaxRoot_folder/Scripts/Startup" and restart 3dsMax

    <russian offtop>при использовании чужого кода в своём, необходимо указывать, чей это код!</russian offtop>

    F***ing Autodesk
    Even prerender callback doesn't allow to change size of output image.
    it is shocking!

    Will be much better, if can be set different resolution and aspect for each cameras. =)

    [Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds
    « on: 2015-02-13, 11:21:55 »
    Thanks, handy little script. How do I just get to know Corona's current gamma setting? Is it always 2,2 in newer builds even if I load a scene where an earlier Corona build was set to 1,8?
    Old file opened in new builds: framebuffer gamma sets always 2.2.
    but if you change framebuffer gamma in my script and save max file, then framebuffer gamma will be your value until you don't change it.

    [Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds
    « on: 2015-02-11, 20:02:36 »
    See my signature

    [Max] I need help! / Re: Show VFB: need help for Macroscript
    « on: 2015-01-26, 12:03:50 »
    Code: [Select]
    macroScript ShowVfb
    category: "Corona Renderer"
    CoronaRenderer.CoronaFp.showVfb true -- true=show/false=hide
    But function don't usability, because not perhaps get current state of VFB. I see it's so:
    function shall return bool-value
    and then script will be such
    Code: [Select]
    CoronaRenderer.CoronaFp.showVfb() = !CoronaRenderer.CoronaFp.showVfb()This code is simply and maximal usable, press one - show, press again - hide.

    Off-Topic / Re: Funny images/videos
    « on: 2015-01-26, 08:56:22 »
    Next time you wonder why there are self-intersections/leaks...

    No comment...

    It work!
    Thank you very much!
    I'm happy! :^)
    Simple script for change CoronaGamma.
    search in category "ecXimer"
    work only with builds 22.01.2015 and abowe!

    [Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds
    « on: 2015-01-17, 17:06:03 »

    [Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds
    « on: 2015-01-17, 12:21:58 »
    which mode?
    In instance mode, but only with coronascatter :^)

    [Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds
    « on: 2015-01-16, 22:20:50 »
    I think, for this texture it is necessary to add a spinner of "seed" since without it colors change with each mouse click.

    Save left image to half float format and you can easily get same result as in right picture in post processing. But i doubt you can get much useful in post out of right picture - there's much less information in shadow areas then it could (should) be.
    Quits that, now only because of gamma I am obliged to buy expensive program of post-processing and to spend time for its loading and transfers of files from Max... this madness, not differently...

    [Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds
    « on: 2014-12-26, 09:47:23 »
    "size" works not correctly.
    Lights are scaled not locally, and is global.
    User "sample type" work too not correct.

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