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    Hi everybody!

    I released new LightLister for Corona Renderer!
    Script version is dead.

    In max 2012 not integrated C# libraries in Setup. Therefore you need download and install this is libraries yourself:

    DOWNLOAD v1.2.1
    MIRROR 1
    Build changelog:

    • Supporting Post-1.0 Daily builds
    • Supporting "SelfIllumination" property of material
    • Little changes in UI
    • Remove the Menu action (you have to add this manually)
    • Fixed some bugs

    If there are problems or mistakes, write with the most detailed description here.

    When you see such a warning to do so:,404.msg28954.html#msg28954

    or this method:
    To unblock a Web assembly:
    • Close 3dsMax
    • Using Windows Explorer, browse to the assembly that you downloaded from the Web and CoronaLightLister_201x.dll and mmMaxControls.dll.
    • Right-click the assembly, and from the shortcut menu, select Properties.
    • The Properties dialog box opens.
    • On the General tab, click the Unblock button to indicate that this assembly is trusted. Note: The Unblock button will not appear if the assembly is already unblocked and available.
    • Click OK to close the Properties dialog box.
    • Start 3dsMax

    Please return spinner "Gamma", even if hidden with access via maxscript =(

    [Max] Resolved Feature Requests / CoronaCameraMod extension
    « on: 2013-04-04, 13:43:59 »
    Install: Copy script to "maxroot\scripts\startup" and restart 3dsmax
    Only for standard 3dsmax cameras
    Update v0.2

    Off-Topic / Young's interference experiment
    « on: 2013-03-21, 10:54:48 »
    I tried to reproduce Young experience - quitted nothing.
    Neither photons, nor ray trace. :)
    Who does that think about it?

    Gallery / ecXimer Gallery
    « on: 2013-03-13, 15:40:12 »
    PT+PT 30min

    Gallery / Anisotropy
    « on: 2013-03-05, 07:34:54 »
    Tested anisotropy - got very convincing.

    [Max] Resolved Bugs / CoronaConstantMtl Exception
    « on: 2013-03-02, 21:18:03 »
    When opening the Map Browser appears exception.

    [Max] Resolved Bugs / saving rendering of a wx Frame Buffer
    « on: 2013-03-01, 11:31:09 »
    Build timestamp: Mar 1 2013 00:45:30
    Max version: 2012
    Bug when saving rendering of a wx Frame Buffer:
    1. set resolution like 640 * 480.
    2. Render and save say "test.jpg".
    3. increase the output resolution such as 1200 * 900.
    4. rendering and saving over an existing "test.jpg".
    5. bug - retained only part 640 * 480 from the top left corner, and had to save 1200 * 900.

    [Max] Resolved Bugs / MirrorZzzz Crash
    « on: 2013-02-15, 15:16:14 »
    A simple scene: a plane facing each other two mirrors, the camera between them.
    Ray depth: 100
    Render: crash!

    Scene attached

    [Max] Resolved Bugs / Bidir exception
    « on: 2013-02-15, 11:23:08 »
    dailybuild 2013-02-04
    1. Renderer: Bidir - Crash!

    2. And if the "Renderer" choose "Bucket" and "Area to Render" to make the "Region" of the region with a size smaller than the bucket, then the calculation will not all cores.

    [Max] Resolved Bugs / Glowing corners
    « on: 2013-02-13, 15:03:30 »
    Glowing corners in single-sided geometry.
    When added Shell modifier glow disappears.

    [Max] Resolved Bugs / Reflection Bug
    « on: 2013-02-07, 08:22:35 »
    I then decided to re-create such a landscape and ...
    far from it - does not get the right reflection of the sun in the waves. I suspect that this is a bug ...
    scene attached, max 2012

    Above the horizon - like the truth

    Gallery / Monitors DoF
    « on: 2013-02-06, 15:35:26 »
    Picture test its ability to render more than something finished.

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