Author Topic: empty view ports after latest update  (Read 668 times)

2022-02-02, 17:32:49


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With the most recent daily build update I started getting black/empty viewports. The scene would be visible once opened but as soon as I change to a different view or navigate the scene it turns black. After my queue finishes im going to reinstall corona without any daily builds. Has anyone else experienced this and know a fix or what might be causing this?

2022-02-03, 09:16:20
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I experienced something similar via TeamViewer or Screen Sharing, but I suppose this is not the case.
Does the same thing happen without Corona installed?

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2022-02-03, 14:25:50
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Do you have opengl corona materials active?
Black viewport is usually due to some fuck up with opengl. Check your drivers as well, sometimes I had to update the drivers, and sometimes I had to roll them back. A quick test is to turn off enhanced openGL in the viewport and see if it goes back to normal.

2022-02-03, 15:21:59
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Can you check this with another renderer set as the default? My guess is R25 being R25
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