Author Topic: Corona Decal - Tutorials?  (Read 681 times)

2021-12-16, 21:35:02


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Hi there

Since Corona Decal has been added to the most recent Cinema4D Version 8 Daily build, i am eager to find out how to use it, but i can't find any resources online how this feature works, not even for 3DsMax-

Maybe i'm not good at finding what i am looking for, but that it's burried so deeply?

Help would be appreciated!


2021-12-17, 10:09:03
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as Decals are still a daily build feature, we did not yet create any tutorials or articles on it. I believe the best practice would be to try and play around with it to understand.
From my limited understanding - A material/map applied to Decal is projected onto a surface of an object it overlaps, ideal for e.g. graffiti on a wall or even something displaced, such as man-hole covers or refractive, such as windows.

If you need further info, feel free to ask here.

Learn how to report bugs for Corona in C4D here.

2021-12-29, 17:24:31
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Its really simple and works very well. Just add Corona decal from the menu and assign a decal material to it. Then extend the corona decal object to as far you want the decall to project on.
Here's an example I made with Megascans decall and a car model. What is really nice the decal projects on everything like a slide projector. Especially with mud thats cool. The mud appears on the glass etc.
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