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[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Black Spots
« on: 2018-04-07, 18:44:01 »
I have been having some issues that no matter what I do I can't seem to fix.

After installing Beta 2's first build I started working on a scene, and everything was working fine, no crashes, very stable.

After a while I started to get some issues, the main being black spots (nan) in some areas of my image. (See attachment 1 + 2)
I am now 99% sure that SSS is the reason for this, as turning it off seems to fix it (Attachment 3) but as you can see, turning it off significantly changes the look I am going for.
After this bug appeared, another issue came and now when I try to turn on Bloom & Glare a big portion of my image gets covered in black (Attachment 4)

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Corona, going back to Beta 1, uninstalling and reinstalling C4D, but nothing seems to work.

I have been a huge fan of Corona since the first day I tried it, the software, the team, the community, but it seems I finally found a hurdle that is keeping me from using it and it upsets me because of all the pleasure I've had so far with it.
I hope this issue can be solved promptly and I can go back to enjoying this amazing engine

Scene created and tested in Cinema 4D R18 + R19 on Mac OS 10.11.6

Gallery / Original iPod
« on: 2018-03-18, 18:14:30 »
Hey everyone!

Here is my latest personal project, I started it to practice modelling in Fusion 360 which I am getting into

Rendered in C4D obviously with the amazing Corona, with the help of Josef's great Studio Tools

As always any CC is greatly appreciated

Gallery / Fight Club
« on: 2017-10-23, 17:45:10 »
Hey everyone,

I created this scene inspired by one of my favourite films to test Corona for the first time, and I am extremely happy with my experience. I am really enjoying working with this great engine, that despite still being in the early stages (I'm in C4D) is already incredibly stable and functional and gets noticeably better with each iteration so kudos to the team for the amazing work they have been doing.

Hope you appreciate it, comments and constructive criticism always welcome :) I know it's far from perfect but I was trying not to fall down the rabbit whole with this one (at least not too much) to avoid getting in my own way in the end as I often do

I would like to thank Gruender, Santi Sánchez, Thomas Grimes, Fabio Palvelli and Cornelius Dammrich for the inspiration and feedback

[C4D] Resolved Feature Requests / Reflection Controls (GGX)
« on: 2017-10-10, 16:11:00 »
I would very much like to see more options for controlling the reflection, for example the ability to control the GGX Tail Falloff, the ability to separately control (and map) Highlight Glossiness and Reflection Glossiness, to be able to set the value for the reflection at 0º and at 90º

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