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MacOS 10.13.6 / C4D Studio R18.057 / Version: 3 hotfix 1 (core 3) Jan 18 2019 18:43:49

I don’t wanna beat a dead horse here, but I’m still getting random TR client disconnects that makes Team Render highly unreliable.
Not sure how much this is a C4D TR rather than a Corona issue.
I saw on the trello board that “Team render stability improvements” are planned for V.4
Will the “com error” be addressed that causes frame sync to fail?
Once I finish my current job, will install V.4 daily and check if stability has improved.

To recreate this error, almost any scene will do, just setting the render res high enough.
In my case rendering a 6k image will trigger client disconnects.

Some FYI”s
- Network: 1Gb LAN, Jumbo frames enabled in the entire chain.[/li][/list]
- Server/clients all macs
- Random clients at random times disconnects.
- CoronaTR manual settings:
 Tried many different combinations 10s-20s / 50MB, 75MB,100MB, 200MB all combinations had disconnects
- I have the 1WS/3nodes license - disconnects if I use 1 or all 3 nodes.
- Adding clients over time, to possibly not have them all send data at the same time, does not make a difference and shouldn't with just 3 nodes.

I noticed all TR consoles always say “rendering pass 2” no matter what actual pass gets rendered.
Could increasing the time between the 7 retries help?

TR console sample:
Code: [Select]
2019/01/30 08:23:18  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 0/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:23:41  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 1/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:23:43  [Corona4D] Rendering pass 2
2019/01/30 08:24:05  [Corona4D] Rendering initial pass
2019/01/30 08:24:05  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 2/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:24:28  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 3/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:24:52  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 4/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:25:17  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 5/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:25:41  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 6/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:26:03  [Corona4D] [TR] Frame synchronization failed: Communication Error
2019/01/30 08:26:06  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 6/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:26:07  [Corona4D] [TR] Frame synchronization failed: Communication Error
2019/01/30 08:26:09  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 6/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:26:10  [Corona4D] [TR] Frame synchronization failed: Communication Error
2019/01/30 08:26:12  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 6/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:26:12  [Corona4D] [TR] Frame synchronization failed: Communication Error
2019/01/30 08:26:14  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 6/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:26:15  [Corona4D] [TR] Frame synchronization failed: Communication Error
2019/01/30 08:26:16  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 6/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:26:17  [Corona4D] [TR] Frame synchronization failed: Communication Error
2019/01/30 08:26:19  [Corona4D] [TR] Sending chunk 6/10 to the server
2019/01/30 08:26:19  [Corona4D] [TR] Frame synchronization failed: Communication Error
2019/01/30 08:26:19  [Corona4D] CoronaCore::renderFrame: after render
2019/01/30 08:26:19  [Corona4D] Terminating DR slaves
2019/01/30 08:26:19  [Corona4D]  - terminating slave handlers
2019/01/30 08:26:19  [Corona4D]  - waiting for broadcast thread to finish
2019/01/30 08:26:19  [Corona4D]  - clearing slave handlers
2019/01/30 08:26:19  [Corona4D] Terminating DR slaves ended

Let me know if you need more info.


MacOS 10.13.6 / C4D Studio R18.057 / Version: 3 hotfix 1 (core 3) Jan 18 2019 18:43:49

I can confirm this. All corona lights in scenes build in corona 2 stable are reset to default color (white).
Corona Light Materials are not affected.

MacOs 10.13.6 / C4D Studio R18.057 / Version: 3.0 (core 3)

Not sure if this a known issue, since it never worked (for me).
Note: This is only in TR mode, single machine render region works flawless.

I can draw a  “region” marque in VFB, but it continues to render the entire image.
Same, if the region is already set in VFB before hitting “Team render to PV”

What does work is to set “Render Region” in the render setting > output tab.
Of course that’s a static selection and can’t be changed while rendering.

Not a high priority since there is a workaround, but do you guys have any plans to make the “Corona render region” work in TR mode?

I know its kind of stupid to say but try to not use LightMix. Thats a real RAM eater :) Other than that, you'll probably going to have to upgrade :)) Glad to be of help, by the way :)

Hi nkilar,
thanks so much, never occurred to me to open another C4D instance. Wish i knew this one a long time ago...
I think quite a few people here will be happy to find out this is an option and they might not need to buy another license, just to be able to work on another scene incl. "test rendering”.
Or was I the only one left in the dark?

Would love to use Lightmix, but so far displacement (i think) was already eating all my ram. Always had to render multipasses separately.
Not sure yet if the new displacement / auto bump will help that much….

Anyways, this instance tip of yours needs to make into the helpdesk etc, so it doesn’t get swallowed by all the noise here. 

Oh wow, just tried nkilar’s approach and the VFB does work in all instances of C4D running!
So, you are only limited by the amount of ram you have installed….
Now, how do I glue 256GB of ram into this damn Mac?

Oh, quite the contrary actually! If you don't render the TR job on your workstation, you can still use it and even render on it in Corona.
Hi houska,
not sure I understand this correctly.
I have 1 Workstation and 3 render clients.
if I uncheck the WS (local machine) in the TR machine list and hit “TR to PV” only the 3 clients are rendering but the WS acts as server.
When I open another scene on this WS and try to open IR, I get the pop up “The external renderer is calculating an image. Do you want to stop it?”
What am I missing?


(so that you can continue to use it "full power" as a workstation since it won't be doing any rendering)
Sorry if this strays too far from the original licensing thread.

Just to clarify, you can't use IR / VFB on this "disconnected" workstation or the instanced  setup that nkilar mentioned, while the clients are rendering, correct?
So, "full power” is just for better viewport performance while setting up another scene?

If there is not the advantage to use another VFB instance on this machine, maybe a better choice is to leave it connected but reduce the “custom # of render threads” in prefs, if needed.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Can’t open CXR in CIE 3
« on: 2019-01-08, 16:09:53 »
MacOS 10.13.6 / C4D Studio R18.057 / Corona 3.0 stable

Get “Unexpected attribute type” with any .cxr I try.
The last version that worked for me was Beta 2 stable.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: RoundEdges shader
« on: 2019-01-08, 13:54:01 »
In my experience the default radius of 10 cm is way too large and gives you weird looking shading. Set radius to about 0.2 cm as a starting point.
Set your material preview to cube to see the effect without IR.

I  just realized that "CXR saving in picture viewer" disappeared from the trello board
I didn't yet install/activate my Corona 3 final, but wonder if it made it into this release.
It used to be on the roadmap for C 3, but now it's not mentioned anymore.

The ability to select CXR in render settings is such an important feature for users that send jobs to render farms and need to get a .cxr file back .

Oh no, it didn't disappear, it was moved to the "big ideas" pile.... Sorry, missed that.
Does that mean it turned into a big "maybe not"?

Does anybody have an idea for a workaround if you need a .cxr file from a render farm?

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Corona 3 Release
« on: 2019-01-07, 19:52:12 »
I also have a licensing question. 
I just bought C 3 but didn't yet activate it. Once i activate Corona 3, will I be able to go back to Beta 2 stable if I need to?

Hi houska,
thanks for testing.
I actually tried the scene that you are linking and could not get the result that you are sharing.

To clarify, you tested in corona 3 and adjusted the material to make the bump look like in B2 stable?
For me the bump in corona 3 looks like the phong tag gets ignored.
You don’t get that result? Do you use Windows or Mac?

May I ask how long you'll need the B2 version to work to finish your project?

Hard to say. It’s a new development project with the initial marketing images finished, but I’m expecting the client will need more images along the way till construction is finished.
Probably 3rd quarter 2019.
Everyone in archviz knows how painful it sometimes is, to get material approval from architects… Well, painfully slow… Once that’s done, you just pray that there it no more material tweaking necessary.
I don’t really expect you’ll support B2 for another year or so. That’s just the risk of early adoption.

Thanks for all your hard work.
Happy New Year!


MacOs 10.13.6 / C4D Studio R18.057/ Build timestamp: Dec 14 2018 17:27:33  Version: 3.0 daily Dec 14 2018 (core 3)

not sure if you want us to report bugs for the daily here, or in “bug reports”

The new bump implementation looks and behaves completely different from B2 stable, and earlier.
To recreate: I used HFPatzi’s "Corona Teamrender Quality Issue" scene for testing.;topic=22339.0;attach=94274
See screenshot 1

I’m fully aware that several forum members asked for a better / upgraded bump implementation, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to change something as fundamental as the new bump,  shortly before “hanging on to the B2 stable” might not be an option.

If the new bump makes it into the final release, please consider the option to license the B2 stable version for people that have projects in their pipeline and need additional time to update their materials.

Other things I noticed in the current daily…
In Team Render, rendering does not stop at set noise level or # of passes.
Does not show noise level / # of passes in VFB stats. See screenshot.
Render limits work on single machine rendering.

Corona Image Editor 3:
I get a “Unexpected attribute type” error when trying to open .cxr files.
CXR files saved in "B2 stable" or "B3 daily Dec 14 2018" will not open.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!!!

Gallery / Re: Beaver Lake [FULL CGI]
« on: 2018-12-17, 21:16:56 »

Thanks !
We wanted to respect renders sharing policy of this forum et do not make a promotional post and let only curious people get the whole scene :)

Oops, wasn't aware of this rule. My bad.

MacOs 10.13.6 / Build timestamp: Oct 31 2018 17:24:08 / Version: B2 (core 3) / CINEMA 4D Studio R18.057

I  noticed when you click "cancel" in the "missing texture" dialog when starting a render, corona plugin & c4d crash. Might be related.

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