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It works now. Thanks!

Thanks Tom, looking forward...

macOs 10.15.7 / S24/ Version • 8 (Hotfix 1)
Since upgrading to hotfix 1 on Monday, Cosmos browser shows only the famous blank window. Today (Wednesday) “update to latest…" popped up and after updating, I only get
“There is a problem with Chaos Cosmos — undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘r.includes’)”
I only updated to hotfix 1 to see if this fixed the “immutable shader” issue.
So, Cosmos went from unusable in TR to completely unusable.
Is there a more stable solution planned? How do I switch to using my OS default web browser instead of the C4D built in cosmos browser?

It might be too obvious but did you set the renderer to Corona?

Thanks Stefan,
this is a real life / time saver! Very useful!

Hi Beanz,
any updates on this?
I checked the chaos help and can’t find out how to configure the cosmos browser installed on the nodes.
How do I make sure on the nodes with just TR client installed that Cosmos is looking in the right network folder for assets? 
MacOs 10.15.7/ S24/ Cor V8

The COSMOS browser opens in a regular C4D window. I can rename the window and then it shows up, BUT it doesn't survive a restart.
If the window can be named just like the Corona material library, that would be great. Thanks! 

Instead of moving windows around to find the Cosmos browser, you could bring it to the front by clicking in the window menu, but it doesn't show up. Same in C4D dock icon context menu.
macOs 10.15.7. / C4D S24/ COR V8

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Materials and node editor
« on: 2022-06-05, 01:58:22 »
I know this thread is “old” but it needs to be revived…
I agree with all of the above, especially this:
"By the way, I think making "base layer" such a long/tall tab, putting together diffuse, glossiness, ior, edge, bump, anisotropy and rotation of the anisotropic highlight was a terrible mistake. It was so much cleaner when they were in separate tabs, there was no need to scroll to look for it (and i also find scrolling in this menus kinda risky, because you can end up scrolling a floating slider or a drop-down menu)." 

Quite right - from a user experience point of view it hides the common settings, but keeps the occasional settings visible. The old way was cleaner and involved less clicks.

"I don't really see the point of having the normal map under the bump channel. To apply a normal map you have to go to base layer, scroll down to bump, enable it, click texture -> plugins -> corona -> normal. Wouldn't it be easier to have it as a category"

Definitely agree.
Yes, yes and yes!
Corona became a huge success, mostly because of it’s ease-of-use approach and of course it’s good looks ;-)
Now it’s starting to add more complexity for NO apparent reason. The goal should be “Less Clicks, Less Scroll = Faster Workflow”

What’s up with the “Enable” checkbox for Bump, disabled by default? Why? Unless you render black holes for a living, every material on planet earth has some kind of “bump”.
In the spirit of “Less Clicks”, can the default be set to “enabled”?
Also, “EDIT” button in the PV/ post process/ tone mapping? I use tone mapping EVERY day, but never used “sharpening”
Shouldn’t tone mapping be there by default and “EDIT” for less used features?

The Corona team has an entire army of unpaid but very active “daily” testers at their disposal.
Getting valuable user input BEFORE spending countless man-hours coding, by maybe showing mockups of planned features/ layouts could be a win/win for all.
I hope you take this into consideration when re-working the VFB - Yes, outdated zoom buttons and scroll bars, I’m looking at you… 

are you on S26?
As a workaround, Stefan-L has a nice xpresso setup here

since there is still no fix, maybe you can post your sky setup in the "[C4D] Corona Goodies - User Contributions" section,
so it's easier to find?

Hi BigAl3D, same outcome if rendered from mesh. I think the TR issue is related to the immutable shader.
My COSMOS assets get saved to a server that all nodes can access, but maybe they need to live on the main machine to be send to TR.
Are you by any chance already on V9 daily? When you have a minute, can you try to TR the 'Purple Willow 001" or any other asset that uses the mystery immutable shader?
Trying to figure out if this is related to my setup.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: How to solo node?
« on: 2022-05-30, 00:36:44 »
I mean if you already know what all of your materials look like beforehand, then you probably aren't the target audience for this functionality.
What I was trying to say, I don’t need to review every material I apply to a new model in IR, but I do need to see in the viewport how this material is mapped.
Just trying to point out the workflow difference betw “solo mode” that renders and a “solo mode” that just shows in viewport.
This applies mostly to metal and glass that don’t give you any representation in the viewport. I do it the painful way and copy bump or roughness shader to diffuse. With the legacy mtl I untick all except diff, make mapping adjustment in the viewport and then turn all back on. Of course you need to set preview size to your bump map size to get a useful viewport preview.
I usually leave the bump shader in diffuse (unticked) for later use. This works in legacy but not in physical.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: How to solo node?
« on: 2022-05-27, 20:30:59 »
…you will only see a simple Noise Texture render in LV.
activate solo node, and it will allow me to preview only the noise texture and how it is mapped onto my object live in the IR viewport.

This might be good for a IR workflow but who has time for that? I think the way c4d mtls have the “viewport display” options can be a faster workflow in general.
For example I create my stainless steel with micro scratches in bump, select bump as viewport display and save mtl in asset browser.
Next time I apply this mtl it shows me bump mapping in the viewport, I can quickly adjust mapping and move on. No need to go back into the material and “un-solo” anything for rendering. This would be a huge timesaver!
Not sure how most people work, but when I work in fairly detailed interior/ exterior scenes I never use IR. I know how my materials look in final render, I just need to quickly see that they are mapped correctly.

Purple Willow 001
Preview flipped, renders correctly, but maybe bump reversed?
TR shows faint leaves - nodes can't access these "immutable shaders"?
Happens to other assets w/ immutable shaders.

Can we assume your are not missing textures for these assets? I haven't used Cosmos with TR yet, but that was my first though. If the materials are there, what happens if you convert the Proxy to mesh?
I would have said yes, the textures are there, they render on single machine but not in TR
Then I checked to make sure, and now I don't know anymore...
See screenshot attached. …immutable shader what??? No idea what this means.
That "mystery shader" does not show up in asset inspector.

In the middle of a project that hopefully finalizes next week. Will try V9 daily then.
In general, is this related to the corona engine or could a cosmos browser update fix issues too? 
It looks like the leaf mapping is flipped 180°?

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