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Don't expect miracles, though.

The altitude cap however appears to be a bug. Thanks for bringing it up!


As far as I understand it, you enable the shader by checking "Volume Effect" in the Sky object, then it creates an atmospheric haze effect.
The density you control with the scale parameter below the checkbox. There's also an Altitude setting that I don't fully understand yet (and neither why it's clipped at 1500 meters).

Hope this helps a bit at least.


FWIW, there are 3 gold presets that come with the Physical material.

It might as well be an issue with the summer temperatures.
Run Cinebench 23 in a loop, set execution time for an hour and see if the laptop "survives" full CPU load for that long.

A plane with an opacity texture, behind it an Corona area light. Mimics the way it works in reality and works with IR.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Node Material Editor Layout
« on: 2021-06-25, 05:18:45 »
Faster access to the shaders would be nice, though.

Thanks Michael,
made a quick test and this looks promising.
My main reason to use the c-multi shader was the “mesh element” mode for leaves etc.
Just wondering if you know a similar setup for the variation shader?
I used it with “polygon step” which only works if all leaves have the exact same poly count.

Anyways, thanks so much for your tip, for a better tile setup!

You are welcome.

For leaves I use the corona multi shader, too, because there is no proper replacement for the mesh element setting in the variation shader.
We're lucky to have both of them!

I’m usually loading 9 -12 floorboard or tile textures plus corresponding normal and gloss maps into a material. Would that be possible with the variation shader?

Yes, that's possible. The shader even includes a built-in UV randomizer.

If you can, use the C4D variation shader and use the mode "Object Name" instead of "Objects".
This should keep the pattern.

PS The variation shader in the "Objects" mode "suffers" from the same issue.


[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Build 2021-06-05: question
« on: 2021-06-08, 16:27:44 »
Something like this may contain closer information: , if that's what you desire
After scrolling through the article and feeling smaller with every page, I decided to stick with the IOR setting (where I can pretend to understand what it does) before I shrunk too much to reach the mouse on my desktop.


[C4D] Daily Builds / Daily Build 2021-06-05: question
« on: 2021-06-07, 22:21:50 »
Is there a description about how IOR vs Specular works for non-metals?


[C4D] I need help! / Re: volumetric fog lines
« on: 2021-06-02, 09:07:18 »
If you are using a cube to contain the volume, make sure your camera is outside that cube.


Why show the result with "Normal" this way?
And why the result is different when placed under the Corona node or without the Corona node
The bump slot is there for bump maps and normal maps alike.
If you use a bump map (a greyscale map) you can assign it directly.
If you use a normal map (the blu-ish one) you need to have it in a Corona Normal shader.


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