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[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Layered material and bump
« on: 2018-10-06, 11:59:03 »

pic of nodes plox.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Jagged lines or edges
« on: 2018-10-06, 11:58:36 »
increase AA to 20 pixels or so. should fix all jagged lines.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Know your Devs -> Just do it!
« on: 2018-10-04, 00:25:51 »
When going to university or school that teaches programming, what kinds of courses does one have to take?

My best friend is a programmer, he's doing his Dr. now but he's into SAP stuff and when I want him to help me by writing a script, he says "I have no idea about 3d space".

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Substance Painter to Corona C4D
« on: 2018-10-03, 20:50:37 »
Don't give up on Substance Painter. It's one of the most important programs out there, aside from S. Designer. If you can handle those very well, a lot of doors will open.

However, you can still use a vertex map or inverted AO to add those metallic lines.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Break Up AO
« on: 2018-10-03, 18:45:05 »
I have no clue what you're talking about.

Could it be that the texture channel inside the AO shader could solve your problem(see pic.)

Or do you want a texture to be used as a mask in the layer or fusion shader, masking out parts of the AO?

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Substance Painter to Corona C4D
« on: 2018-10-03, 18:26:13 »
Now I know what you meant by artifacts. The seams being visible.

I don't have the files anymore, so I can't test it and am not in the mood for that.

However, if you look at my first render result after just plugging in the maps except for IOR (metallic parts were absolutely black), the seam at the edges was only partially visible and in some areas merged so that it looked normal.
The only thing that I changed was the Dilation/padding.

Standard is 16px (@2048²) . I didn't change it because I didn't know if there would be a problem and set the padding from +infinite to +diffusion.

I'd say play around with the settings and you should come to your desired output incrementally closer.

BTW, I never said that you should use unreal or the unity shader, it was just to show you that even inside of SP, the look can vary dramatically. Not just colors but also the way metal is rendered.

Great.... thanks for update.

It will be nice if fix IR with CV Splines to Objects, in that CV Outline and CV Chamfer... IR goes crazy....!


Do you have the IR open all the time? Do you model using the IR?

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Substance Painter to Corona C4D
« on: 2018-10-01, 06:16:04 »
I hope I could help and before I send you a third pm because my memory is like swiss cheese:

Try using a different pbr shader like unreal or unity and you'll notice that there's a huge difference. Also, don't forget to turn off the post-processing effects. It might look better with them, but you'd have to recreate the settings when you're going to render it.

And now something very unorthodox....why not render it in Iray? It's pretty fast and inside SP you are just one click away.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Substance Painter to Corona C4D
« on: 2018-09-30, 23:29:32 »
I don't think we should complicate things by sending me the files. You'll understand it better when you do it yourself.

However, I made a quick "guide".

Bake the maps using the preset "Corona (forum)". Apparently, it was already discussed in another section here.
Dielectric stuff goes into material 1, metallic stuff into material 2.
Add the maps to the materials. In the metallic mat, you can leave out the diffuse channel and crank up the IOR(no map was used here) for the metal until it looks fine.
Mats 1&2 go into layer material. The xxx_Blendmask map is used as the mask for one of the materials. (the blend mask came out with metal parts as white, I didn't bother to change it)

While writing this I just had another Idea. you could use the skin material. Just disable the SSS and you have a basic material with two reflection channels.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Substance Painter to Corona C4D
« on: 2018-09-30, 16:14:06 »
I've had a similar issue with that. Leaving out the IOR map(it's often baked even if you didn't paint it) should solve it. Or at least you should modify it with a filter shader or similar.

I haven't tried putting my map inside a Corona Bitmap shader at that time, maybe it could fix the whole thing.
I don't know if Allegorithmic or whoever created the CRN exporter in SP was aware of the color handling differences between MAX and C4D.

edit: The simplest solution would be to have the metal maps in one material and the dielectric in the other, one of the 3 presets in SP gives you a blend mask which you can use in the layer material.
If that doesn't work, then I'd need to have a look at your SP layers/materials and output setup.

Btw, the reason why the worn edges are rendered in black is that they're usually used in a metal material, Corona only uses a dielectric one. If you have a rough metal map, it would look different on a metal material. So the best way is to either fake it with the layer shader or simpler, the layer material.
There are some approaches to refl. maps using the diffuse channel, but I would stay away from that, as long as you don't need it.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Displacement & AO
« on: 2018-09-29, 08:42:02 »
I looked for a simpler solution by using the wire-, round edges-, native ao and so on shader masks & mixes. They do work, but as one would expect, the displacement has top priority.

C4D has an option to apply textures before or after displacement, but that's just for colors etc. Maybe some option/checkbox for AO to be applied before displacement would be helpful. I'm too tired to think of something more useful. Maybe make the displacement respect the order of the shaders/maps in a layer shader if one's used. Everything optional of course.

Otherwise, well you can do it manually but in my opinion, that's not very elegant.
You could bake out an AO map or the gradient shader (2D Box mode)and use it as a mask for the displacement but, I'd rather go with vertex maps and just insert some poly loops or a tiny bevel if the face count is to low. Adjusting these poly modifications is simple.
Anyway, who would want an infinitely sharp corner? that's just unrealistic but incredibly dangerous! Imagine someone wanting to go around the corner but being distracted by their mobile phone, the person turns around too early and abracadabra, you have a two cadavra people who are alive and well, like Jørgenson. However, having split into two people, as Riker did in TNG with the transporter malfunction, would create a bureaucratic hellfire.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Docking the IR Window?...
« on: 2018-09-28, 22:41:22 »
Aside from wanting a dockable window, what would be nice to have is the IR run in the active viewport and draw the translation, rotation etc. pp. gizmos over the geometry. Just as in VRay or Prorender.

Also, alt+click/drag in the IR to move the camera would be much more comfortable. Arnold supports that and one doesn't need to switch to the normal viewport to adjust the camera.

Could the SSS problem with the poly-selection stem from Corona "seeing" the selections as individual objects and treat them as non-volume/unclosed geometry?

Wouldn't it be a lot faster to do that in post instead of re-rendering the image until you're happy?

I hope Cororna team is not far to release final beta... sure some minor fixes are there and if some more some features/ enhancement and stability added... that will be like bread with butter....!


What do you expect from the final release feature-wise?

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