Author Topic: Color picker and sudden closing!!  (Read 2113 times)

2018-11-21, 02:48:59


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Color picker problem,cant choose color but some how solve by altering bitmap. But after adding few more materials closing.i checked a lot of times its  happens each time. Any ideas?
p.s. anyway still happy for Corona plugin.Thanks u guys.Hope to hear feedback asap!

2018-11-22, 16:24:35
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Jan Špaček

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Hi, thank you very much for your bug report! I'm not sure I understand the problem fully. Can you please send a screenshot or a short video that shows the bug, or a detailed description of the steps that lead to the bug?

2019-08-08, 08:37:49
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I can't replicate this issue and it seems like nobody else was reporting this issue => CLOSING.