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Work in Progress/Tests / Starting with corona - help
« on: 2014-12-06, 04:35:11 »
Hi corona lovers, seeing your works with this great rendeer, i decided start to play with corona, but i can`t get good results, i don know if i`m doing something incorrect or what, please help with those asks:
1. render times are too long for get see some details  specially in exterior grass, there is a way to acelerate o reduce the time?.
2. i don`t get control good results with corona sun, recomend some settings for sun day?
3. Corona scatter start to be slow with  173 k objetcs, viewport and render seem to be more slow, it is normal?
4. for save i forget put 2.2 on gamma, there are one option for do it automatically?
5. all renders i got too noisier, what is the average for get a render with no noise?
Pd. i made all materialls manual, without material converter converter, and there are scenes from internet (sketchup).

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