Author Topic: Corona Converter not working - 3ds 2024  (Read 324 times)

2024-04-07, 03:01:53


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Hello -

Corona converter is no longer working after i tried to open an itoo forest pack object. Please see attached for the error message.

the itoo object also opened up an error message about not able to load material library - i suspect this is the main cause.

the 3ds file is also become very slow after this message - any action such as moving the curser or opening up material editor now freezes for a few secs.
in short - the file is now un-workable.

Corona version is 11, hotfix 1

please help on how to resolve this.

Thank you.

2024-04-10, 13:39:08
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Can you please send us the scene, some repro steps so we can reproduce the issue on our end?

Please start the ticket using this link:
Arpit Pandey |
3D Support Specialist - Corona | contact us

2024-04-10, 17:35:06
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