Author Topic: CR10 rendering sequence glass material has a problem.  (Read 396 times)

2023-08-08, 09:14:26


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CR10 rendering sequence will appear randomly, and the glass coronaLegacy material will lose refraction and reflection randomly.
Some frame refraction is gone, and some frame reflection is gone, which is very random.With max 2022+cr10, the problem is the glass coronaLegacy material .The same scene will be fine if you switch to Cr9.(Cr10 glass model has the same shell effect.)

2023-08-08, 09:55:40
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  • Let's move this topic, shall we?
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Moving the topic to bug reporting board. The support team will likely want to have the scene at hand to investigate the issue, you could go ahead and upload the scene by opening new support ticket at Chaos help portal: Don't forget to leave a message here if you do upload the scene.
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2023-09-01, 15:46:39
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I am sorry, but I really do not understand what exactly you are reporting and what the images are showing. Please describe in detail what exactly is going on and preferably, as Romullus explained, submit a new support ticket with the problematic scene attached.
My guess would be that maybe the glass geometry has some overlapping faces (Z-fighting) or is corrupted in some other way.
Is there also a problem if you use Corona Physical Material instead of the Legacy one?
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