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can you let us know which version of 3ds max and corona you are using and what exactly are you trying to view on viewport?

Which version of Corona you are using and what exactly you are doing when you notice sudden increase in Ram? Such as, adding more displacement or rendering at even higher resolution, adding too many render element, etc.


Regarding the crash, it was fixed by installing 3ds Max security update for 2024. Seems like 3ds Max was the issue for the crash.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Single vs DR render passes
« on: 2024-05-20, 15:56:12 »

We would like to investigate this issue further.

Can you please send us a ticket along with your scene and some repro steps?


I opened your file using 3ds Max 2024.2 and Corona 11 HF 2.

For me, playback is very smooth, I dont see or notice any lag.

Please see my video attached.


The scene is still needed for our investigation so when we fix the issue, we will test it in the reported scenes if it is working well or not.

Just a tip: You can always simplify your scene and send only the part that is causing the issue, it can save you all that hassle.

what kind of base materials would you make apart from the one which are already present in the preset, corona material library and cosmos?

Thanks for checking.

In that case, please start a ticket and send us the scene , along with repro steps.

I will look into the issue.

Hey, can you try with Corona 11 HF 2, just to be sure? because there were some changes related to color and removal of gamma operator.


I tried the following:

1. Started IR
2. Minimized the vfb.
3. open youtube in chrome.
4. closed chrome.
5. maximized the IR.
6. it did not reinitiate.

Can you please share a screenrecording of the issue? Also what version of Corona you are using?

Make sure laptop is set to use full performance in power mode : Control Panel > Power Options > High Performance

Some laptops come with some software that has profiles, make sure it is set to maximum performance there as well.

also, please include some screenshots from your VFB stats so we can see the time and also what version of Corona you are using?

it should be unless you have anything in the rest that you dont know.

Can you share the repro steps for me?

I basically tried the following:

1. Started Interactive in Corona.
2. Open Chrome
3. Close chrome.
4. open it again and then surfed the interned.
5. Minimized it.
6. IR did not re initialize.

in 3ds Max 2024, you have a new node called material switcher in 3ds Max. You can input 10-50 materials and animate the value of material switcher to change per frame and you can render the full timeline and it should work.

You can also use Corona select mtl.

[Max] I need help! / Re: CPU usage drops to ~10%
« on: 2024-05-15, 11:25:48 »
Thank you for your update.

Can you use this string option to turn off bucket rendering to see if it helps?

use this string code

"string option: int progressive.boxScramblingPassLimit = 10000"

You will need to put it in the string option that is present in the development/experiment stuff rollout in the performance tab of Corona render setup.

If the issue persists then please also try to turn off the adaptivity in development/experiment rollout section.

Remember, you will need to enable devel/debug mode by going into the system tab>system settings>enable devel/debug mode and then you will find a new development/experiment stuff rollout section in the performance tab.

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