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Gallery / Re: Larose Guyon Lights | Wabi Sabi Interior
« on: 2023-12-01, 15:19:54 »
Incredible indeed, Juraj. Always interesting to see you work as your approach is quite different from the usual posts we see nowadays. Especially love the balance between warm light coming from the lights and a slightly cold blue haze coming from the outside. While it's not something you would capture in a real world, it creates a beautiful gradient that guides the eye through the image while the rest of the set is very neutral and leaves space for the protagonist, which is of course the lamps.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2023-12-01, 10:34:07 »
Wow, great lighting on that WIP of VIPP :) especially like the environment around the building - so much is happening yet it all looks very natural and real. Isn't building such environments even more fun than the architecture itself??

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2023-11-23, 17:12:16 »
Great news :) would definitely love to see a tutorial on how to use these as most of us are probably tied to some specific tonemapping pipeline (which usually includes ACES OT or other agressive LUTs) so having these 2 work together would be interesting.

Also, always grateful for free content of such high quality. I was just looking at the hdri previews you have on your website and they all look very mesmerising. Well done.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2023-11-23, 09:33:22 »
Hey Juraj,

nice of you to give such discounts on your lovely hdris, will definitely check them out! I remember you mentioning something about updating a demo hdri set that you have on your website. Have you had any luck on that, or is it still work in progress?

Either way, I can't wait to test them out - they look amazing!

Gallery / Re: E-MTB phantom from GGmmoebel
« on: 2023-09-22, 10:53:20 »
The level of detail in both, geometry and shaders, is insane. I always wondered - how does one go about modelling something like this? I mean, looking at that rear wheel hub - there's so many tiny screws, metal parts and so on that would be difficult to model from just a reference photo. And it all looks so accurate (or is it?).

Either way, great job.

Gallery / Re: La Calma House
« on: 2023-09-22, 10:48:36 »
I like how natural this project is portrayed. It doesn't scream, there's no big contrast between colors, light or elements in the scene. It's just... there. Something that is not so easy to achieve. Well done.

Wow, a lot of great and interesting replies, way to go!

James, I relate to pretty much everything you said and your idea behind asset organization makes total sense, I guess that's something that I've also been working for the last couple of years is this idea of 'future proofing' any kind of organization method so that it can adopt any inevitable changes later on. And regarding asset location, in our office we're using Deadline which collects and stores all the auxiliary files and assets for every single render on a separate folder (takes up quite a bit of space but is very useful). So that has never been an issue. A bigger issue is re-using assets from old projects but instead of having a coherent library with nice previews, it's always the same process of opening old scenes and trying to find it, copying it and merging into a new project. But I guess that just requires some dedication and time, and I'm sure it will be solved :)

But the main point from all of the above is not to be too hard on yourself regardless of what you choose to do.  Life's short.  Enjoy it.  As long as I can pay my bills and feed and cloth my kids, then I'm happy with all of my other choices.

I really love this kind of attitude too. I definitely find myself putting too much stress on being productive all the time which results in me being not productive at all and then guilt tripping myself even more. Life's short, let's enjoy it :) And I'll check out the book!

And it's always nice to hear anything from your point of view Juraj. I'm also on the same boat with CommonPoint tutorials which I have started but find it difficult to finish it (even though it's so well laid out and all). The amount of information and tutorials out there is becoming so vast that at some point you even start to wonder if it's even worth learning it if you can't learn it all.

Oh and I think when you have for example 3 large tasks you are interested in, if they are broken down into small bits its easy to switch between them on days you don't feel like doing that thing. Sometimes I'm in the mood to just write, so ill write for a week. Then I look at my to-dos and think oh you know what this week I'm just going to make a whole bunch of 3D models, or learn this thing which is a bit fuzzy in my memory. Its great to have a huge selection of things you can work on little by little. As they say the days are long but the years are short (or something like that), so make the most of it.

I can definitely relate to doing multiple tasks at once (not literally at the same time but in parallel). It helps as you say to allow yourself different type of work for a specific day, however I noticed that it can often lead to unfinished projects. Perhaps I should try writing down the goals and expectations of how long I think it will take and so on. Having everything simply on your mind is not enough I guess.

The biggest tasks I find myself involved in are usually related to organizing and re-organizing certain parts of 2d/3d library and everytime I figure out a way to do it and finally do it, I realise a better way and it gets really frustrating (I wonder if anyone else can relate to this). But I guess that's part of the process - you discover things as you do and there really is no other way around it.

And thanks again for sharing what works for you. Maybe that was not the original idea behind creating this post but I believe there's something more valuable coming out of it than simply a list of websites to further feed our need to consume. After all, the post was made in off-topic section so I guess we're right on track :)

Cliché as it sounds some people do actually heed that advice. 

I think I am one of those people actually.

Some great points and advice here, thanks for sharing your honest opinion on this subject. I do also believe that more often than not we tend to find excuses to not do certain things when in reality there's so much time that we choose to waste or spend otherwise. And although I remember reading somewhere that 'the time one enjoys wasting is not considered a wasted time', I fully agree that it all comes down to personal motivation and discipline when choosing between doing something productive or taking time off.

There's always a moment of balance, as with everything else in life, which becomes very important when working with creative tasks and pushing yourself to always be productive can have a countereffect. On the other hand, this so-called productivity can have different means to achieve it and all it takes is to find personal relation to it, so to make it relevant and exciting.

Oh, and great reference to Ali Abdaal video. I guess the hardest part for me personally is trying to break down those big tasks I've been meaning to do for a while into smaller segments that actually can be done in those short moments of time you get throughout the day. And also keep them intellectually exciting so they don't feel like a burden every time you sit down to do one.

Gallery / Re: BMW ix at Caver C
« on: 2023-09-08, 14:05:13 »
I find it hard to believe that this is a "quick project", given how photorealistic all the renderings are... Or perhaps I'm just really slow at texturing and lighting (I imagine the base model itself was purchased).

Off-Topic / What cg-related blogs / websites do you read?
« on: 2023-09-05, 09:45:04 »
As many 3d artists will probably agree, there are times at work where you're simply left waiting for a heavy scene to load or some large files to transfer and have nothing really important to do in-between. The obvious choices become to doom scroll through social media or read some news and stuff.

But I've always had an ambition to dedicate my work day for work. So if I'm waiting for something else to happen, I want to use this time to learn some more about what's happening in the world of CGI. So let's use this thread to share interesting blogs / websites / podcasts (maybe?) that unite us all in one way or another and that is CGI and everything related to it.

I will start. Recently this was posted on this same forum and I found a few stories that were quite interesting: . Obviously, Behance is like a second Instagram for artists but one can only absorb so much visual material throughout the day until it all becomes dull and overstimulating.

Gallery / Re: Liff House
« on: 2023-09-04, 12:24:20 »
Nice work, i’m loving the garage picture too. Can i get the 3ds file, please?

Doesn't work like this here :)

People come to show their work, not to distribute their or someone else's models / scenes.

Gallery / Re: IMAG/NE
« on: 2023-08-11, 10:28:56 »
Great images. Immediately got reminded of Jakub Cech works some years ago (maybe it even was an inspiration, heh):

Gallery / Re: Penthouse C Animation - Monolith in Motion
« on: 2023-08-02, 10:24:48 »
Beautiful work, grading, composition.. Especially love the teal evening shots. Well done!

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2023-08-02, 10:18:58 »
Interesting point of view, thanks a lot for sharing.

In particular I can relate to your comment on doing work other than rendering as well as actual rendering not being the longest task on the list (as opposed to modelling, texturing, post etc.). Having read some other posts and considering my budget I'm leaning towards 13900KS with 4x48GB RAM setup. Hopefully, plenty of memory will make this future-proof for at least 5 years or so and CPU will be able to stay relevant too.

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