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I open the console window and see the progress there,
you'll see something like
2022/08/16 12:35:10  [Corona4D] Pass 1/30

If you have it set to number of passes, you'll see where it's at. I'm not sure what it outputs if set to noise level or time.

You can make a new new.c4d scene with the passes set up, I did this with the passes and masks I use in pretty much all my scenes.
Or make a blank scene with the passes needed, and then merge scenes.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Bump texture rendering too smooth
« on: 2022-06-29, 10:20:42 »
You can also try reducing the Delta value in the noise. For high-frequency noise bumps, a Delta value at the lower end sometimes makes a huge difference.

Have you tried using the c4d camera photographic values?
I know for depth of field at least corona is using the fstop from the default camera parameters, not from anywhere in the tag.

It's not a corona thing, its a C4D thing, saving out transparent PNGs out of the picture viewer is a very hit and miss thing. Just add the alpha as a render layer and then make it transparent in post.

Lower the exposure.
For outside scenes with just corona sky you'll need to drop to about -3

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Bump noise projection issue
« on: 2022-06-12, 11:25:56 »
You have your materials projection set to UV but you don't have any UVs. Set the projection to cubic or spherical and you should be good.
Also, you may need to tweak the phong tag if you're still getting hard edges.

Did you update the plugin?
Rebus' plugin doesn't really give update notifications. After the upgrade from 6 to 7, I tried sending a scene and it said corona sky not supported which is ridiculous of course. After talking to CS they said to update the plugin from rebus drop settings. And if that didn't work, to try and manually delete the plugin folder then install the plugin again.

Try increasing the spline points.
Also this might be better done with a Decal with displacement

[C4D] I need help! / Re: White contour on mask
« on: 2022-05-31, 19:06:39 »
Do you have Straight Alpha turned on by chance?
That usually messes up transparent renders in C4D

It works, but only kind of.
The colors are random and ofter very close to each other which would make keying a pain.
But the bigger issue is that every decal object gets a different color, and in my use case I would have 6 products with 4 decals each, that would be insane and messy to key, it'd be faster just to rerender it like I always do.

I still don't know why material stacking makes it impossible to get a mask out of the stacked material.

No one? Nothing?
This seems like a glaring omission.

Is there a way to get a mask rendered for decals?
For instance, in the attached image is there a way to render a mask for the pink parts which are a Corona Decal in this case?
Material ID, Object ID, or anything else dont seem to work.
Previously in situations like these, I would have to make a second render with a black material override for all the materials in a scene, and then turn all the label/decal materials into self-illuminating materials to get a black and white render to use as a mask in post. I was under the impression that Corona Decals would spare me the second render.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: New Tool From Insydium
« on: 2022-03-29, 19:27:15 »
Particles don't work with Corona unfortunately

None of those are supported in C4D.
If x-particles were supported I'm sure we would see an uptick in usage. Right now corona has no support for particles in Cinema 4D.

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