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[C4D] Bug Reporting / Corona VFB can not zoom out.
« on: 2022-11-21, 00:55:41 »
Hi, in the current daily build of CR I can not use the zoom in or out buttons after a while. Sometimes the functionality comes back starting a new render but often the buttons do not work.
C4D 2023.1.0
CR v10 nov 3
Mac Studio Ultra 128Gb

I am just wondering if there is anybody here who has experience with GPU Octane and or Redshift but is also using Coronarender. How about interactive rendering, speed to first pixel and the overall workflow advantages if there are any.
I noticed that most have years of experience with one render engine or another and often do not want to change. But I am constantly checking out what I might do next. Unreal, GPU or just stick to what I know (C4D Corona Mac). Maybe in the end there is nothing much to gain changing from one fast system to another. As Johan Cruijff used to say, every disadvantage has its advantage.

[C4D] General Discussion / How to use Chaos Scans
« on: 2022-10-24, 19:55:44 »
I am probably overlooking something but I don't see any way to use Chaos Scans. I can't buy or try it since I already have a premium subscription and I do not see any link anywhere to scans libraries.
Is this a feature not yet released ?

BTW, I am feeling pressure here at the office why I need an additional 1000 a year for C4D & CR when others here are having a ball with Unreal Engine 5 or Blender for free.... I keep telling its a quality thing you can't have for free but I am beginning to loose ground....

C4D crashes at CR rendering when I use a downloaded quixel decall. This is because these decalls are exported by Bridge as standard C4D material (C4D R26, C4D 2023 is not yet supported by Quixel).

Easy to solve by converting the scene to CR materials incl. the decalls. But at times I forget to do so and then the scene keeps crashing at render.

Mac studio Ultra
128Gb ram

[C4D] General Discussion / edge trimmer & texture scattering
« on: 2022-10-11, 18:03:38 »
I tested the edge trimmer & texture scattering features in the daily build v9 rc2.
Really fantastic results. Tx Chaos. I now can hardly understand how I did without.
Can I also use vertex maps somehow or is it texture map based only ?

See attachment with both features set. Its actually rather easy to set the edge trimmer for all textures in one go by selecting them all and set the opacity map to edge trimmer. Super easy but a bit hard to find without a manual. Can this be just a checkbox in Chaos scatter ?

[C4D] I need help! / Edge trimmer how ?
« on: 2022-10-03, 00:59:20 »
Added support for edge trimming in Chaos Scatter using new Scater Edge Trimming shader
Seems very useful.
Was wondering how this works. Could not find it in the chaos scatter.
latest build, osx Mac m1

Bitmaps in the Corona render materials do not copy paste from one file to another. Once copied the materials show up black in the preview and model views. Also these bitmaps do not copy into the the asset browser where the previews are also rendered black.
We had this problem before I think a while back.
When I use the project asset inspector I can relink the materials but they stay black. When i edit the material and click on bitmap for a colour the right map is shown but at render or in the preview it stays black. Only when I manually open the bitmap and re-assign it the material is good again. Need to do this for all assigned bitmaps in the material.
It does not always happen but some materials are hard to work with because of this.
It happened when using a Maxtree asset and copied the asset to a different location on my hard disk. Then I relinked all bitmaps and it looks all right. I can open the Maxtree asset in C4D and it renders fine. But when I copy this asset to another open file the above mentioned happens.

Mac Studio Ultra 128Gb OSX v9 C4D 2023  (everything latest updates)

[C4D] General Discussion / C4D 2023
« on: 2022-09-08, 11:08:13 »
Does the latest build v9 work with the latest release of C4D 2023 ?

[C4D] I need help! / Daily builds download problem
« on: 2022-09-04, 00:09:31 »
Hi I tried to download the latest daily build but the download stalls. First time that happens to me.
The file downloads but it remains a .download file that can not be openend. I checked the package contents and there it looks ok but also the installer does not start.

OSX 12.5.1
Mac Studio Ultra

I wanted to create a decall with a material that only gives a displacement or bump. Is it possible in Coronarender to create a material like that. So no other shader effects then bump or displacement ?

Any help appreciated.

I am very lucky to have a project with hundreds of Olive trees in a 20 acres orchard. Incredible to see so many scattered trees (5 different trees by darstellungsart) and my Mac Studio uses only about 15Gb for C4D (out of 128Gb) to render at high res.

I scattered them along various splines. Worked out very well but:
adjusting a factor or frequency does not work at all
the scattered objects always seem to be randomly scaled even when scatter is set not to scale.
include and excl splines does not work with splines. So you can't make a hole through various splines to cut a path. Maybe better to grey these out when spline scattering is selected
it seems you can not set a wider than a 1000 mm for the splines near and far distance (in case you scatter on a surface). In my case that's not very wide.
would be nice use splines to scatter at a certain width around the spline with a set fall off. Or one spline to scatter two or more rows at a distance from one another.

Mac Studio 128Gb 20CPU / 48GPU
OS 12.4
CR version 9 23-22

But does when I make a light material with a HDR and assign this to the sky object.

I would like to have the sky object with the hdri in the shader slot but then I do not see the HDR in the viewport. Is that correct ?
OSX 12.4 CR v9 daily build.

Is it possible using Corona scatter to have wooden siding at different width's boards at a certain stepping but with a fixed seam width. Like every boards is at least 7 mm apart. I tried with avoid collisions, that worked but the seams are too random still.

I am also wondering if its possible to have the pine material cubic projection random set for each board to avoid knots and grain unrealistically matching for each next board.
I tried the UV randomiser but did not get a proper result. Most likely cubic does not work here or I just don't understand the UV randomiser very well.

Attachment is a quick render with Corona scatter and the pine semigloss material from the material library.
I like the random width and thickness of the boards but the seams are random too which is what I am trying to avoid. The material itself looks excellent but the cubic projection would be better if for each board at a different unique location.

Any help appreciated. As an architect I work a lot with wooden siding. Not always I like to work with displacement materials. Its often more reailstic to have actual geometry.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / slow server
« on: 2022-05-11, 12:12:49 »
Hi, Is it me or is there something wrong at Chaos - Google drive. Trying to download the daily build. Half way but already minutes have past.
Internet otherwise on my system is good.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Chaos Cosmos broken
« on: 2022-05-10, 11:19:12 »
Hi, any one has an idea why my Choas Cosmos browser just show a white area. I did something while downloading an asset, I can't remember, most likely crashed but now I can't get the cosmos browser back on.

Mac Studio Ultra m1
OSX 12.3.1
CR daily build v9
C4D r26

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