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[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Object preview in asset browser
« on: 2022-07-31, 20:40:41 »
I could be wrong but I noticed that if you use Corona Bitmap on the texture slot the Preview doesn't load in the browser. However without Corona Bitmap I do get previews.

Hello everyone. Just thought I should inquire if it will ever be possible to see such an addition to Corona. The ability to have a slider for Visibility of 3D Objects. I tested the one recently added to V-Ray and it delivers good results for fading in and out of 3D objects. I have attached a video of a test I did with V-Ray and the screenshot for the tag.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: VFB Zoom funcionality
« on: 2022-05-27, 18:14:33 »

Hi there, you can set a desired size in the Corona preferences settings. I hope that helps.

Well, I must admit that coming to this forum and reading through things has helped me discover some hidden gems. I always changed resolution for IPR in the render settings, I didn't know that you can limit it to a certain resolution. Thank you for this.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: C4D S26 supported ?
« on: 2022-04-21, 10:00:43 »
Any idea when S26 will be supported ? Or is it already ?. I haven't tried the current  installer and rather wait for instructions by Chaos.

If you have R25 and S26 installed parallelly, you can just copy the corona folder from R25 plugins and paste it over to S26 plugins.
In my tests, Corona V8 ran fine in S26, with one medium flaw: you cannot load textures directly (they will render black) but you have to load them in the Corona bitmap shader.
Guess there will be a fix for that pretty soon.


Thanks a lot for this tip, adding them to the Corona Bitmap Shader works just fine even for the Sky Object.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Further fate of the Legacy
« on: 2022-01-18, 13:41:31 »
I hope we don't lose the legacy material. Sometimes it's necessary to make 'fake' materials that can't be made with the physical... For example sometimes I want a different IOR for refraction than for reflection. That can't be done with the new physical material.
I Strongly agree with you, the Legacy Material should be maintained.


By animating the OPACITY parameter for the respective object materials, I can easily toggle visibility ON & OFF without losing out on the Motion Blur settings.

Thank you!

Oh well. Had not thought about that honestly. I guess I just have to look for a way around making the object appear and disappear. If anyone has idea on that please feel free to let me know

I have attached the scene file. Problems show up when you render the scene from frame 001 - 119 (you can even do a viewport render of the current frame it's on and see). Other frames from frame 120 render correctly with Motion Blur ON & Infinite Studio Setup.

You may have to relink the HDRI in the tex folder to the Sky Object.

GoogleDrive Link:

I created an Infinite Studio Setup using the steps mentioned here and it works just fine no problem about it.

However, I have a number of animated objects in the scene and when it comes to rendering the sequence with Object or Camera motion blur ON objects just jump from their positions & either disappear or intersect with each other. If I turn OFF motion blur (both camera and object motion blur) the scene renders correctly and objects actually show up in their correct positions. I don't know if it's a bug or something but it has happened before and have had to add motion blur in post.

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