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« on: 2022-11-23, 11:46:14 »
Switching to a PC is a matter of when not if.

But in my case after Chaos gave me great support and fixed exactly the same issue  I got stuck again the next day.  I then did a complete reinstall with all the lastest builds and from then on my problems where gone. So I deleted C4D and CR from my drive and did a clean (re)install. After that I never had these problems again. I have CR running on 3 different Mac's so I knew for sure that it should work. Only my new Mac Studio had these problems. Not any more though.

« on: 2022-11-23, 00:51:19 »
Different topic but you can not compare a 64Gb ram i9 with a 32Gb i7 or a 16Gb MacBook. If CR has to swap memory the whole process goes in to slow motion. I have a Mac Studio 128Gb with 20 cores and it's fast. Really fast at modelling too. We have a fast PC here as well (16 core, 64Gb ram) but its hardly any faster with CR and a lot more noisy.

But I do see Apple loosing terrain in everything 3D. At my office we are big apple fans but even though one after the other is going PC, cheaper, faster and most important, no longer stuck to a ever smaller toolset in terms of available software. No Octane, Redshift, Unreal etc. Coronarender & C4D are basically the only proper tools under OSX in Archviz. Luckily great tools but I feel very locked in and more and more missing out on al the new incredible things happening in real time rendering.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona VFB can not zoom out.
« on: 2022-11-21, 19:15:23 »
To be more precise. Zooming does not work properly during interactive rendering. Not just slow but not at all.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Corona VFB can not zoom out.
« on: 2022-11-21, 00:55:41 »
Hi, in the current daily build of CR I can not use the zoom in or out buttons after a while. Sometimes the functionality comes back starting a new render but often the buttons do not work.
C4D 2023.1.0
CR v10 nov 3
Mac Studio Ultra 128Gb

« on: 2022-11-21, 00:49:28 »
I don't think you need to wait for months. I did not and with the support of Chaos all was fixes in a few days. I can assure you it all works fine really.

Tx, what kind of project do you do. Is it archviz with lots of vegetation, interiors ? It makes a difference maybe. Coronarender is fast for regular exterior work though. Problem I find is getting assets for Octane for archviz. But I am hearing good news about Octane lately crashing much less than from what I heard before.

I wish Corona would go GPU and think sooner or later they have to. I am getting a PC with a 7050x 16 core and a 4090 GPU. Supposed to be almost twice the speed of a 3090. I wonder especially about the times to first pixel. If Octane takes as long as Corona to calculate displacement and so on before starting to render then for me it will not be a big step forward. 90% of me waiting at my computer is for parcing the scene calculating before render.

Tx again for your response. Would love to hear a bit more on this subject although much has been written already. But that's all about render speed and almost none about interactive rendering, calculating displacements, scattering instances and so on. You need to be an experienced C4D user and most reviewers are not doing much more than benchmarking.

I am just wondering if there is anybody here who has experience with GPU Octane and or Redshift but is also using Coronarender. How about interactive rendering, speed to first pixel and the overall workflow advantages if there are any.
I noticed that most have years of experience with one render engine or another and often do not want to change. But I am constantly checking out what I might do next. Unreal, GPU or just stick to what I know (C4D Corona Mac). Maybe in the end there is nothing much to gain changing from one fast system to another. As Johan Cruijff used to say, every disadvantage has its advantage.

« on: 2022-11-19, 22:26:07 »
Hi Oxocon,
I am on a Mac, a Mac Studio Ultra m1, a Macbook m1 and an Intel iMac late 2015. Working at two different internet connections and providers, for home and an office in the city.

I had simular issues before when Chaos just started the new license system. They helped me sort it out and the current versions of CR 9 and C4D 2023 are good. Actually, it's all very stable and reliable. No Crashes or anything really apart from a few minor things that have to do with the UI.

Have done a few test with Redshift on a Mac. Seems to be ok. Bit not done any serious work with it.

Redshift is for free for CPU rendering and is developing fast.

@ Coronarender
I saw that Maxtree has recently updated all its assets to Octane & Redshift as well and they have updated all my previously purchased libraries for free. It used to be Vray & Corona only (apart from fbx) and the main reason for me to get into Corona. Would it not be very smart for me to move over to a much, much faster renderengine and pay much less or even nothing at all ?

The recent features decalls, clouds, Chaos Cosmos & scatter and Lightmix really stand out compared to other renderengines.

See attachment. CR-Clouds, CR-decalls by Quixel for the white markings and zebra on the road and CR scatter for the leaves, Chaos Cosmos 3D people. The plants are by Maxtree.
This was a few hours work in C4D and CR with a very basic 3D model made with Vectorworks. I also recommend Lightroom for some post work and extra effects. Especially the brushes. Without Lightroom I feel lost.

Corona has no GPU option.
I work with large files in Archviz, lots of vegetation, files over 2 or 3 Gb. No problem with Corona but you need a proper amount of ram. With less ram the files will render but a lot slower with a higher chance of crashes. Although I rarely crash these days even with very big files. I used to use Mograph a lot without problems with CR but now most scattering I do with Corona scatter.
OSX Mac Studio 20 cores, 128Gb ram.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: How to use Chaos Scans
« on: 2022-10-25, 13:16:41 »
Tx, all clear now.
I tried a wood scanned texture. I could change the tiling scale but it seemed like moving or rotating a scanned texture did not work. Changing a UV to Cubic mapping also gave some unexpected behavior.

[C4D] General Discussion / How to use Chaos Scans
« on: 2022-10-24, 19:55:44 »
I am probably overlooking something but I don't see any way to use Chaos Scans. I can't buy or try it since I already have a premium subscription and I do not see any link anywhere to scans libraries.
Is this a feature not yet released ?

BTW, I am feeling pressure here at the office why I need an additional 1000 a year for C4D & CR when others here are having a ball with Unreal Engine 5 or Blender for free.... I keep telling its a quality thing you can't have for free but I am beginning to loose ground....

C4D crashes at CR rendering when I use a downloaded quixel decall. This is because these decalls are exported by Bridge as standard C4D material (C4D R26, C4D 2023 is not yet supported by Quixel).

Easy to solve by converting the scene to CR materials incl. the decalls. But at times I forget to do so and then the scene keeps crashing at render.

Mac studio Ultra
128Gb ram

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