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Hey guys!

Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET Academy.

The recent year was surprising and tough for everybody. But it also triggered many changes like moving from working at the office to remote work. It also affected the CG industry.
In our team, we wondered if it is possible to put together a team of artists from different parts of the world and work on a common project only via the internet. Wondering is not enough, so we decided to do it.

As a subject, we have chosen exterior visualization. Exactly a holiday cabin, to not make the whole thing too complicated. We will try to simulate a real-world scenario where a client is giving us his design and project brief and we need to deliver great visualization.

Here is our team:
Jarosław ‘DJ’ – Blender| modelling the landscape, art direction | Poland
Marco – Blender | modelling, animation, project management | Philippines
Tomas – 3ds Max + Corona | putting together the scene, rendering | Poland
Amiel – Substance | texturing | Philippines
Michał ‘Andrew’ – 3ds Max + V-Ray | designing the cabin, ‘the customer’ role, modelling | Poland

- We started with assigning Andrew the role of an architect giving us the job since he has experience in this matter.
- Since Marco led the team of modelers for our assets store project, his role will be to keep everything in check and make sure we don’t miss the deadline or get lost in an overabundance of ideas. He will also create additional assets like fire or birds.
- DJ has experience in interior design and visualization and very good communication skills so he will have the last word when it comes to the final effect. He will also choose the location for the cabin and prepare the terrain.
- Amiel is an expert in Substance (you can check his tutorials at our GarageFarm.NET Academy YT channel) so he takes on himself creating the most difficult materials and overlooking the project from that angle.
- Finally, Tomas will put together a visualization in 3ds Max and Corona.

Based on this project we will release a series of videotutorials. We want to also put together a video from our video meetings. I’m not sure if the material will be interesting enough to publish, but we will try.

Different members of the team work in different software. Since recently Blender exploded with lots of improvements and features there is a discussion going on whether it can be a legit archvis tool. We will have an opportunity to check this out. There will be problems with moving the data between different software so it’s even better 😊 We also live in different time zones, (Philippines and Poland) so we will be able to check if you can put together an international team online and create such a project.

We got a 'brief’ or rather a description of the design idea and a list of important design features which need to be emphasized and sold in the visualization.

General purpose:
- Holiday cabin for a couple with 2 kids
- Buyers are 30+ years old
- No fixed location. Possible to assembly on a location chosen by the buyer

Function for kids:
- Safe terrace.
- Sandbox function as a part of the terrace
- Place for a 2-level bed for kids

Other functions:
- Fireplace\barbeque grill

Selling points:
- Glass corner with a big view from beds.
- Safe terrace (for kids)
- A place for installing a sandbox, or a little swimming pool
- Grill\fireplace
- Part of the terrace is under a roof (you can grill regardless of weather)

Additional info:
- I need all the functions to be visible in the main shot. Other shots can just add more information about the cabin design.
- The cabin is going to be installed in a location chosen by the buyer, so the exact location used in the visualization is the choice of the artists’ team.

Used materials:
- Black zinc, black wood, black steel (optionally brighter wood).
- Double glass sheet window panes.
- Concrete feet foundation. 
- Small architecture (surrounding): gravel car park place

For now, DJ found a location (I will add more info on the next post) and put together mood boards as a source of inspiration.

I'm attaching the images of mood boards that DJ created for inspiration, cabin design, and examples of cabin materials.
I will post here the progress of the project. I hope for your critique and comments! 😊

Thanks Jan. I am using Windows 10. I have an I7 4770k, Ram 32gb, GTX 770. I have the same problem in R17.
I didn`t find the V7 Daily build on the Corona web.
[Max] I need help! / Re: Flashing Backgrounds on render elements
« Last post by maru on Today at 17:25:47 »
This is the first time I see something like this. Could you share the problematic scene with us? (the uploader is in my signature)
Gallery / Re: Cartier Carat - Full CGI
« Last post by maru on Today at 17:06:59 »
I don't think we have something wrong with Corona caustics

My main question is how to get a cleaner look with caustics like this on Corona, I tried experimental settings but it didn't work as expected, I got too much noise and fireflies, even with denoiser set to remove fireflies.

That's exactly what I would call "something wrong with our caustics". :)
Work in Progress/Tests / Re: METAPROCEDURALS twoheads render thread
« Last post by Stan_GF on Today at 16:58:26 »
Looks great.

I'm just thinking that the microscope shot camera may have the wrong camera settings. I can some perspective there between the teapots, and it looks like the camera is placed somewhere between them, very close to the surface. If that was a microscope the distance of the camera to the objects would be very big taking the scale in consideration. So it would rather remind a very long focal length shot, with no perspactive\size changes between these little objects. The DOF would be very shallow though as in your render.

This is just my impression, I would need to check on it and I'm not sure what effect you were aiming for.

Anyway, very cool experiment, I hope you will show more stuff :) 
Hardware / Re: monitor recommendations
« Last post by Alekru on Today at 16:35:12 »
Thanks ! ~
Very much being actively worked on :)
[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Bloom/Glare on 360 Cubemap issue
« Last post by TomG on Today at 16:04:01 »
Which host software and version of Corona? May be worth trying the 7 daily build (see )
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