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I installed the corona 11 hotfix1 this morning and the pb seems to be solved. Render Time with my scenes with decals are faster

thanks a lot for your answers . I try to do some other tests today.

Thanks Tom for your Ansewer, I LL make other tests without multipass to check. It s a template i use for complex scene that s why there s a lot of multipass and object ID

Otherwise i prefer not to lock the time in the settings since I have a render farm at office and all the computer don t have the same power.  put the noise that is acceptable for me but i also put a limit for the passes t o avoid too long rendering. Maybe it s not the best way to use the settings.

The scene was just an example ( and i had to reduce the size of the package ) I ll try on somthing more simple

ok i can do that but the lighting doesn t change the pb. You can  put a corona sky+sun and remove missing textures . then test with corona 10 and compare with corona 11. Corona 11 is far longer.

Without the decals the render time is the same with corona 10 and corona 11

Here s a file. you can compare the render time with and without decals.

Yes ok I prepare that

Hi all

i don t know if it has been reported yet but the render time in a scene with decals is far longer in Corona11 compared to Corona10.

I tested in c4d R20 and in C4d 2024 and I have the same pb. If there s a lot of decals ( for example on a road for the signs) it becomes really really slow. If i desactivate the decals the render is very quick .

Note: i reported it in my post Corona11 bug


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 11 bug ?
« on: 2023-12-08, 16:32:19 »

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 11 bug ?
« on: 2023-12-08, 08:29:49 »
yes sure . Sorry if it s not very understandable .

Here s  a print screen ( i have the pb in any scene in fact ) .

If i change the "simple exposure"  for example in the VFB it doesn t change in the properties of the cam despite the tone mapping is "override"

It s the same problem with other parameters ( blomm and glare, sharpening , ... )

PS : the materials you can see are all made with new tile shader ( + multi shader and mapping randomizer ) , it s very cool :))

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 11 bug ?
« on: 2023-12-07, 10:19:15 »
And another point :

It s seems that the decals are rendered far slowlier compared to corona 10 hotfix2

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Corona 11 bug ?
« on: 2023-12-06, 16:48:15 »
Hi all

I recently installed corona 11 ( with c4d R20 and also with C4d 2024 ).

I have a pb with the override fonction of the cam. It doesn t seem to work anymore.
In th e VFB i have this message : "camera was removed, controls.... wont be synchronized" even if the camera is active and selected.

Am I the only one to have this pb ?



Hello All,

I have the same kind of pb. I have made lots of tests without finding the isue.

I use C4d R20 + Corona9 hotfix1. on windows.  DELL 7810 with 2xXEON E5-2695v3 and 128GB RAM.

There s two similar Big Scenes i m working on. ( about 3.8Gb with a lot of Chaos Scatter). The two scenes are very similar with the same render settings/ cam / Light ( Coronasun+sky ).One works fine but for the other here s what happens:

If i start c4d, open the scene and click render ( local), the render lasts pprox 90 mn.

If Click render again times flies around 6hours , and i do it again again it goes to somthing 20 , 30 hours with a very low ray/s.

If I close c4d and relaunch c4d, re open the scene It s 90min again.

I dont see real differences between the 2 scenes.

Not that the parsing time, Geometry , UHD precomp are normal ( few minutes ) each time.

If you have an idea i m very interested :)


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