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[Max] General Discussion / Chaos scatter randomization
« on: 2024-03-27, 13:21:08 »
I'm using chaos scatter to populate large parking lots with cars. It's a simple spline scattering, with 250 cm distance between the cars. I have ca. 30 different car models.
The main problem is randomization. Sometimes i get 3-4 instances of the same cars next to each other. Or if there are only 25 items to place via the scatter, it doesn't takes 25 unique car models, instead mabe 10 and then I have of course multiple instances of the same models next to eachother.
Is there any way to force chaos scatter to take as many different models from the list as possible, to reduce repetation? Sure, I can change the random seed, but it creates then a different state, with other repeating cars. Frequeny is 1 for all instanced objects, except for one, the model for empty space, it has a fequency of 30 to have also empty space in the parking lot.
I also tried Forest Pack for this, but had similar results.
Thanks for any advice.

Hardware / Threadripper vs. i9
« on: 2019-11-27, 07:22:54 »
Hey Guys,
I have an intel i9-9900k workstation, and I just bought a Threadripper 2970wx just for rendering purposes. I'm rendering animations with Backburner on the two machines. And that's really odd. The i9 renders a frame in 8:40 minutes, and the Threadripper in 7:20 minutes.
I dont't know why the difference is so tiny between the two - because the 2970wx should almost be twice so fast as the i9. But it isn't. Sure, parsing scene takesmuch longer on the 2970wx: 1:48 minutes, and on the i9 ist's just 0:46 minutes. That's because on one thread the intel is much faster. Thats OK. But after that?
Both CPUs are running at stock speeds, no overclocking. I have 64 gigs of ram, and the latest Corona+3ds max. On Cinebench, and Corona benchmark, the 2970wx is twice as fast, as the i9. But those are just the benchmarks. Do you have any idea why? Thanks!

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