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Hi all

i don t know if it has been reported yet but the render time in a scene with decals is far longer in Corona11 compared to Corona10.

I tested in c4d R20 and in C4d 2024 and I have the same pb. If there s a lot of decals ( for example on a road for the signs) it becomes really really slow. If i desactivate the decals the render is very quick .

Note: i reported it in my post Corona11 bug


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Corona 11 bug ?
« on: 2023-12-06, 16:48:15 »
Hi all

I recently installed corona 11 ( with c4d R20 and also with C4d 2024 ).

I have a pb with the override fonction of the cam. It doesn t seem to work anymore.
In th e VFB i have this message : "camera was removed, controls.... wont be synchronized" even if the camera is active and selected.

Am I the only one to have this pb ?



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