Author Topic: Fake God Rays  (Read 1116 times)

2023-12-26, 02:38:04


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hey guys, i want to make fake god rays to reduce rendering time, are there any way to create it without using global volume options? thank you for reading.

2023-12-26, 07:40:02
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  • Bengamin
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If you really want to reduce the render time, add them in Photoshop.

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2023-12-27, 04:13:44
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Hi there,
As Beanzvision said, you can create the effect using image editing software to reduce rendering times.
Another option is to use the Shine plugin (included in the Red Giant suite) for After Effects if you have a Maxon One subscription.
I hope this helps.
Please let us know if you need further assistance.
Kind regards.
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