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I'm happy to hear that you finally bring the Corona Academy.

Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. When I follow the link I have to sign into my Chaos Account. After doing so, I reach the overview page where I chose the C4D-part. After that I can see the different video links for chapter 1. But when I click one i'm brought to Vimeo an get the message that the video is not available / I'm not allowed to access the video.

I have attched a Screenshot (in German language).

I tried it on Frefox and on Chrome on a Mac (OS 12.7.1)



Sorry to hear about the lack of access :( Since access is based on licensing, the best thing to do is send in a ticket as the licensing team will need to have a look at what licenses are on your account. Be sure to let them know the email associated with the Chaos account that you are logging in as. Tickets can be sent in at .

Thanks Tom!

Will do!



almost the same here...

@Borje @Steppes

If you are still having some issues with accessing the page, please answer the following questions:
1. Are you able to access or and see a page with video thumbnails?
2. Does the error appear after you click on one of the video thumbnails?
3. What browser are you using and are you using some kind of adblocker plugin? Try disabling it on the Corona Academy website.
4. When you get the error, try going back in your browser and playing the video again. Do not open the video in a new tab. Simply left-click on one of the thumbnails and it should start playing in a pop-up window. You can then full-screen it. Does it work?
Please answer the above points and based on your answers we should be able to suggest the next steps.


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