Author Topic: How to put textures/gobos in lights?  (Read 559 times)

2022-06-17, 06:22:07

Eryck Ramirez

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Can we get gobos support?

I always find myself going back to redshift because of these missing small features, but I always find myself going back to corona for it's quality

2022-06-17, 11:47:41
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  • Bengamin
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It's coming! ;) Currently, the only workaround is to use C4D lights. You can check this thread on how to do that. Also note that it will only work in the final render and not with IR.
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2022-09-29, 08:05:24
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Is there any progress on this? I would like to use gobos much more regularly, but the c4d light option is too much of a kludge.

2022-09-30, 20:13:26
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i use a small textured plane in front of a sector light, that works quite ok so far for some cases.
i saved that setup for me in assets lib to easy use it all time and only change gobo texture.

it not works goof for absolute sharp gobos though, and i think is slower than a pure textured light might be.
(i hope too of course that we get textured lights for easy gobo use like in 3dsmax corona)
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