Author Topic: TEXTURE copy/paste behavior between scenes like with C4D materials  (Read 1707 times)

2022-05-10, 13:14:16


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Dear Corona team,

first a BIG thank you for the very nice v8 version! :)

i have one big feature wish though which might be very easy to add:
when i copy paste a c4d material from one c4d scene to another, c4d asks me if i want o copy the assigned bitmaps into the new scenes "tex" folder.
this is VERY useful when working with assets, or copying parts from one scene to a new one.

sadly with the corona materials this feature isnt activated. as far i remember it is a simple line of code to add to the material, so that c4d activates this feature from the hostapp.
(maxon sdk supports for sure can tell that)

if any possible please add this small but very helpful feature to one of the service packs, people will love you for that ;)

2022-05-10, 13:45:06
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Hi Stefan,

I noted your request.
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2022-05-10, 13:47:30
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