Author Topic: Substance Cache bad way to Teamrender  (Read 1454 times)

2020-03-10, 09:51:22


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I try to find the solution but i can't
Have you got a good tip to render correctly without substance stamp on teamrender
I know if i link local substance cache (tiff file) to my shader (one by one) it'll be nice but i want conserve substance shader
I don't understand because i see teamrender client in log load and created asset substance. Where the way gonna wrong ?

Probleme come from C4D or Corona ?

2020-03-13, 15:03:53
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Hi, I am not familiar with this issue so I will try and recreate it. If I'm unsuccessful, are you able to supply a scene if requested?
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2020-03-13, 15:08:12
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As far as I know this is an expired license for the material

But there is no point in using materials Substance
There is no compatibility with the programs we are working on