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Hi all,

i made a small video showing the brand new v5 with its 2.5 displacement and Q-TILE-PRO in action.

see here:

Not a valid vimeo URL

fore more infos see our webpages or fb pages (see above in first post)


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Variation Shader Limit?
« on: 2019-11-29, 01:53:13 »
congrats to the v5 release, is really working nice here:)


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Variation Shader Limit?
« on: 2019-11-27, 16:50:52 »
 "Is it capable of assigning random textures to individual polygon objects or selection tags"

yes of course, via tile pro, to any tile pro shapes, tile pro works on any geometry or selection tag. from c4d side it is seen as normal c4d shader


Dear C4D and Corona users,

we are c4d archviz artist ourselves since like 20 years, and i am very happy & proud to be able to announce the release 1.0 of our new tool for C4D artists, the "Q-TILE PRO | surface engine".

It is a mighty new artist driven c4d native plugin, which enables you to do ANY tile shapes or repeating surfaces, with ANY kind of variations, in easy ways!
In addition it lets you make perfect non tiled, structure less surfaces, like asphalt, concrete, plaster, etc in a few clicks, which never show the usual un-wished repeating structures, we often see in even seamless texture use!

It works with the internal #c4d engine, and direct within #corona, #vray, #redshift, and via included auto-baking also in any other cpu or gpu engine like #octane. made by >> see detailed info on our pages:


and our facebook page announcement:

this is a dream come true for me, it is a tool i always wished for myself to have in C4D.
it enables you high end surfacing, directly within C4D in unseen detail, variation and quality.
For any tiles or non tiled surfaces!
it works in the corona node editor and IPR of course. supporting c4d 19,20 and 21 for now.

hope some will like it same as we do, we use it in almost any of our projects already.
next days i also start a series of small help videos explaining the work flow, with example c4d files

best greetings
Stefan Laub
CEO/lead artist at

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Variation Shader Limit?
« on: 2019-11-27, 15:01:53 »
maybe our new plugin Q-Tile-PRO| surface engine might be interesting for you for such things:)

it works natively with c4d and corona!

i will make an official post here later in the forum


[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Re: Test Renders 2.0
« on: 2019-10-16, 15:05:00 »
nice test and thx a lot for the test file:)


[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Re: Updates?
« on: 2019-10-16, 15:03:09 »
"experience architects are pretty conservative and even big studios are holding their licenses for quite a long period. And if they are switching, usually following this pattern 21->23, 22->24 skipping the next "

being educated and also practising architect i cannot confirm that;)
also most others here i know will jump to AC23 asap.

anyway, we start trying the Corona Archicad next days, great hat you support Archicad, our favorite cad app!


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: remove gamma 2.2 from vfb?
« on: 2019-07-24, 19:15:32 »
any news from this?

even a simple gamma setting like the c4d picture viewer has it would help already to remove the unwanted gamma(setting gamma to 0.4545 worst case).

we add custom curves instead of the default lwf, so needed a clean workflow without the baked in gama 2.2 i oversee anything or is this not yet possible in corona?

in vray this works well and easy... it prevents us to use corona yet in production

[C4D] General Discussion / remove gamma 2.2 from vfb?
« on: 2019-06-27, 15:42:54 »

for some special tonemapping workflow i usually use, i needed to get rid if the gamma 2.2 in the vfb in c4d corona.

in vray this is easy in deactivating the "srgb" button in the vray vfb. is there a way to do similar in the corona frame buffer?

thx for help

"Oh, I almost forgot! What you can try is setting the diffuse to completely black and opacity to 100% on the "clearcoat material" and then mix that in the layered material. That should work too!"

"2. Layered Material
     -Create your base material as you wish
     -Create layered material and put your base material to the base material slot
     -Create the clearcoat as followed:
          -disable diffuse and enable reflectance
          -set the IOR to 999"

thx guys!
 this somehow works as work around, for some materials at least i guess:)
hope the other thing similr to vray blend gets added in future

uhm thats very bad if not per 8single) material basis, then each object has to be setup extra etc? a painful workflow. and also not works for material libraries.
how ones saves and reuses such materials then?

why does the corona layer material not work like blend mats in vray and other apps?
i see no sense to mix the sub-materials opacity with the base material, neglecting the layering system

it would make the layer mtl really useful if- at least as option- one could have the opacity blend over the layer below.
as it would be in a real layers material too.
or like in photoshop etc.

many materials in real world need such coatings, and i see no way applying this so every single object with several stacked materials. in big scenes this is not a good way.
hope you understand this is a big workflow issue yet in corona.

Hi Houska,

thanks,  yes i felt this must be a bug and not intentional.

here a simple file attached, hope this can be fixed soon in a daily version:)
play in the file with the material 1 opacity settings, you see it affects the full layered mtl, not just the layer1(as it should i think,  and as also the v-ray blend mtl works).


i not want to make skin, but real world coated materials(painted or oiled wood, or concrete, for furniture, and so on).
skin mtl isnt really ideal for that i think

what makes a layer shader with 10 layers sense if it is not layering but mixing only?
it seems only missing that mtl opacity should respect the layering, which seems missing(bug or missing feature)


i wonder if Corona now in v4 allows for a coating reflection layer in the layered material?
so far i still see only a simple mask or slider for mixing one mtl with the others.

but it seem impossible to create some added reflection layer, like a clear painted wood or concrete etc

does this not work on corona or do i have to think this different?

thanks for help, i hope there is a way?

we try to port some materials from our vray libs to make them also for corona,
but the c4d corona mtl yet has some limits yet with layering materials maybe?

in v-ray the mtl opacity lets the mtl shine through to see the material below in blend shader, which is the expected result.
in (c4d) corona the base material gets also transparent, so an unwanted weird "mixed" material that is half transparent instead of layered/coated is the result.

thanks for help!:)

p.s the more i try i guess this might be a bug? in case move the thread pls to bug section:)

yes please,
that would be great for more or less every texture slot (as in vray or in max vray/corona)

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