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why should i make a video from the sun tag?
- it is not related and no replacement for the reported problem.

you can also see and check the maxon manual to see the quite bigger difference between sun tag and physical sky object in c4d, alone from features.

the report says there is an issue with with corona sun and the c4d physcal sky/sun(the real one) when linked via expresso .
this has nothing to do with the old/outdated sun tag,
and using the sun tag is just no solution for the reported issue, that's what i pointed out.

well ok, then i am happy for you
in any way i can assure you there is nothing what can surprise me in regard of size of scenes, "big size" is very relative;)

if you copy (ctrl dag in editor as this is often done in c4d) move cameras or instances etc for a while while ipr is on, i am sure also you would also get the crashes, at least if you use the same v9 or daily10 we all use. scenes are with cloners, scatter object, sky, hundreds of materials, cosmos parts etc

by the way, from customers perspective i think it doesn't help so much if you as corona support keep saying it doesnt crash for you.

we obviously would not report it and keep asking if the current v9 ipr crashing would not be real or dramatic.
you can also ask maxon, alone from me they got 100+ crash reports last days only, i assume from many others too.
if you work 10h and get 20+ crashes, regardless which pc you use, i would not call this normal (v8 was super stable),
i hope you understand why this makes unhappy. (i otherwise love corona render)

"To help us understand this ''visually'', could someone post a short of vid of this not working? Thanks in advance :) "

Please just believe it, i am c4d user since c4d 6.
the inaccuracy of the old and outdated c4d sun tag is a know fact among c4d users since 10+ years.
p.e. itc can fail/changes if PC clock isnt right, or with from pc to pc, it has incorrect positions for the locations, no saved city locations at all etc, so not usable for real archviz if you need correct and save sun positions. there is a reason maxon made the new sky many years ago.

on the other hand the physical sky provides very exact location data and is working reliable.

it woudl be better to find out why the expresso tag isnt working for the customer ( i cant reproduce any problem here so far, but we i assume edubs report is right, he is also a very experienced c4d user since many years)

"Not everyone, no crashes here ;)"

hm, i am sure you only had small scenes tested.

any news on this? i did send the bug reports and mini crash dump, shall i send more?

it seems to affect many users, if i can help any on this pls tell me, i hope this has highest priority

the c4d sun tag doesn't provide fully correct sun positions,

only the the sun from c4d physical sky does give real useful data (that is  why many connect that via expresso)

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: v9 Stability
« on: 2022-11-22, 17:10:10 »
once again, as this seem all the same problem, to specify it more:

in my experience since weeks, it is in special when i copy a corona light (or cam, or instance , or other generator object) and then move it while ipr is on,
almost in 100% of the cases i get a crash due Corona render, and c4dfreezes (i need for force quit it).

as examples:

copy light, change value or move it-->> crash
copy camera, move it--> crash
copy instance, move it--> crash

copy in c4d we do mostly via ctrl-drag direct in editor.

it doesnt happen in small scenes, but in any realistic production normal arch scene we have here, on any PC, and seems quite reproducible.
alone today like 15 crashes so far, i really hope this gets high priority as fix

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: v9 Stability
« on: 2022-11-22, 11:55:26 »
"Had to quit and restart C4D at least ten times today"

if you mean IPR instability, here r25 and v9 win10,
 I and others also reported this already, i already did send also reports with crash dumnps etc (daily 10 didnt change any):

any news on this?

it is hard to work atm with it

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Corona C4D Models/textures
« on: 2022-11-16, 18:43:43 »
on,  Globe plants or, you find also Corona specific tools,assets and materials etc

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: UVW RANDOMIZER + NOISE
« on: 2022-11-14, 20:06:58 »
if you use the 2d (UV) noise in c4d noise, mode it should work.

you need a diffuse map for the structure, and i would also paint a fitting anisotropy direction map (used with slight anisotropy effect on).
then probably a slight bump etc.

this can be done in photo shop, maybe also out of reference images, start painting one small tilable part, then copy to generate a bigger surface with slight variations (or probably quite easier via c4d plugins for generating such tiles structures)

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: v9 More Interactive Crashes
« on: 2022-11-11, 23:34:06 »
i reported this too, in bug report section  it sadly is still in final v9 for me (windows 10, c4d r25).

best send a bug report also to the Corona/chaos team(i did already)
that helps better solving it i guess,

also from other users here:

i added report, #66275

i am on windows, this seems not cpu or os related

hope this helps fixing it,
in v8 corona as super stable for me:)

there is nothing written on a fix for this,  do you think that had been solved? it seems lie an macos fix , i am on windows 10.

i cant really update now in middle of a project.
can i send you the crash dumps and bug reports?

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