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Hello Guys,

but the features that are present in 3ds max are very useful, when will they also be integrated into C4D?
- Scene Cleaner
- Object Replacer
- Pivot Placer
- Transform Randomizer
- Open Selection Randomizer
- OSL Shaders
- Corona Multiple Environment Maps
- Corona Rotation Bitmap


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Recap-List of problems encountered...
« on: 2024-02-16, 12:05:58 »
Hello Guys,

I hope a summary of the problems encountered and those known and still "present" can be useful, for me they are in the 2024 version (latest release) of both Cinema4D and Corona:

- coronapattern doesn't work in symmetry
- render instances are not displayed in the interactive
- the VFB corona camera is not synchronized with the active camera (problem already presented more than a month ago... where are we at?)
- corona materials often lose connections with textures present in the asset database.
- the corona proxies if used in the scatter are not displayed in full mode but only in box mode (if I deactivate the scatter set in full view, the proxy which is also set in full view is displayed again).
- biblical render times and low rays compared to previous versions (test already largely consolidated in previous posts of the empty room) and also compared to the same scene loaded in 3dsmax.. where are we with the known problems on AMD Threadripper and 7950x series?
- the crown tile is not displayed correctly in preview if this is set to world coordinates.
- corona lights do not work in mograph cloners as render instances but only as instances
- some materials from cosmos corona return message "Required V-Ray and Advantage"... emm i'm in corona not v-ray

If I forgot anyone or if there are others please let me know,

Thanks in advance to everyone

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Ryzen 9 5950x
« on: 2024-01-21, 14:55:12 »
Chipset downloaded from amd site or motherboard site?

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: lightmix
« on: 2024-01-12, 10:19:02 »
If I understand right, the issue is not multiple HDRIs which should indeed work fine. The user is commenting on backplates and similar, using a LightMtl with Emit Light off, and that all of these group under the "Rest" LightSelect. This means they can't use LightMix to enable or disable particular backplates since they are all grouped under the one Select. The original poster can correct me if I am wrong :)

in post #2 koubankeo talks about daytime scene and nighttime scene with different backgrounds.
This in 3dsmax can be done via the "Multiple Environment Maps" tab also using 100 hdr both to illuminate the scene correctly and as a background (it works which simplifies everyone's life a lot) and it is something that has been missing in c4d for more than a year (perhaps even present in max for the longest time if I'm not mistaken).

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: lightmix
« on: 2024-01-11, 14:20:35 »
I don't think that's what he means.
If you want to use two (or more) HDR to illuminate the scene (ex. one during the day and one at night) I don't think your method is correct because it's not about BG but about direct and indirect lighting as well as the reflections and refractions that depend on and are linked to the HDR used .
Personally I noticed for example that if you want to use a nighttime and a daytime HDR via the light mix, playing on the lightmix by turning on only one the result obtained is not correct.

I think what he is asking is to implement in c4d the function that has already been present for two years in 3dsmax, i.e. "Multiple Environment Maps"

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Camera Was Removed???
« on: 2024-01-08, 14:33:36 »
Hi Guys,

Are there any updates regarding this bug I'm experiencing?

tnx in advance

[C4D] Feature Requests / Updates on Parallax OSL Shader
« on: 2024-01-02, 12:23:51 »
Are there any updates or feedback on adding this feature present as OSL Shader in all other c4d rendering engines?

Happy New Year to all!!

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Camera Was Removed???
« on: 2024-01-02, 12:19:43 »
Hi Guys,

Happy New Year to all!!
Are there any updates regarding this issue?

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Camera Was Removed???
« on: 2023-12-22, 12:29:13 »
Hi Beanz,

of curse, is a simple scene, but this happens in all scenes.
If you use the VFB interactive render the camera is synchronized, but when you launch the render it is disconnected "Camera was removed".

I attach the demo scene and the screens

System - Windows 11 Pro 23H2 22631.2861
Cinema4D - 2024.2.0
Corona 11 Release Candidate 3

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Camera Was Removed???
« on: 2023-12-21, 11:58:28 »
I confirm what I wrote above and I believe it is a bug or something very anomalous.
In any scene, if you add a new camera via the "Corona Camera" button, the tag associated with it (Corona Camera Tag) is not linked to the active and belonging camera but is linked to another camera.
In fact the VFB info reports "Camera was removed.."
I attach another screen of what happens.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Compositing with shadows
« on: 2023-12-19, 22:36:05 »
Bnji this system does not work if transparent materials such as glass are used together with liquids.. example of a bottle of wine or a bottle of rum etc.
The problem is how to create a transparent background of PNG image to put on top of any product background like Bottles etc

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Low Rays/s.. is normal?
« on: 2023-12-19, 21:11:58 »
Tnx for your reply Maru.

I can't share the scene due to copyright issues as previously mentioned.
In any case, I was careful to use the same values, dimensions, and units of measurement... and if you pay attention to the Beanz scene he also has practically very low rays that are almost zero... or we both make all the same mistakes or something I think it doesn't work that well. I think you can directly take his scene as a practical and concrete example to evaluate.
I hope we can find a solution, and sorry again if I can't share it but I hope I have shared a problem common to everyone hoping for improvements or solutions.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Camera Was Removed???
« on: 2023-12-18, 14:09:38 »
After you pointed this out to me, I verified that the VFB follows the linked camera (camera.1) but the tag associated with it attributes another camera to it and it is not known what it follows.
If it is associated with that camera, how can it link to another?

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Low Rays/s.. is normal?
« on: 2023-12-18, 13:52:31 »
I'm sorry, but I really can't share the scene for copyright reasons.
Beanz, Which workstation did you test with and reach the same rays as me?

But I tried to replicate the same scene in 3ds max and... completely different speeds. (Ps.: in the corona benchmarks everything is normal with 12.6M rays with my 7950x)
In any case, for such a high-performance processor, it's not great to see so few rays. But I noticed that this now happens in all the interior scenes, something that didn't happen before with the other versions. It's the same problem again as the interior scene which took a long time even though it was an empty room, but with the difference that here the drop was really high.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Camera Was Removed???
« on: 2023-12-18, 13:45:38 »
Hi Beanz, thanks for the reply.
So I think there is a bug with Corona VFB because it doesn't connect to the active camera!
My active camera is exactly the one in the image on the right and if I render in VFB it gives me another one.

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