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the last daily crashes here on r25 windows at rendering. this is at existing scenes  i made with older coronas (fresh work)

sadly i cant find the older corona beta 9 as i have a scene with clouds made with it?

[C4D] Daily Builds / sky with clouds thread
« on: 2022-09-01, 21:25:38 »

first of all, thanks a lot for implementing the great new Chaos sky!
my first tests are very exiting already:)

a first question comes up, the clouds cast shadows option like in v-ray, will that come? i miss that yet in the options and results seem without yet.


Dear Users,

as it just came up in the forum, i want to highlight here our plugin UV splinemapper, that we also use as inhouse tool for c4d uv mapping.
basically it can deform UVW maps easy with a c4d spline. no bodypaint or other UV tools needed, which makes many things a lot faster and easier for us

we use it for architectural elements, walls, streets, as well for furniture mapping.

the resulting UVW is a plain normal UV tag then, and also works on any other pc in any engine without the need to have the plugin installed.
it works on polygonal and also curved elements

here an example screen shot:

and here the tool in our 3dtools. info shop:


[C4D] Feature Requests / render vray 6(5) materials?
« on: 2022-08-24, 15:02:22 »
Hi All,

a wish that would make our 3d life and work flow a lot easier:

if corona would be able to render v-ray native materials (from v5 or 6), at least standard ones.

the materials and also most shaders seem to me very similar in settings for many things, even if the look would be here and there different i think this would boost the chaos platform more.

as far i see this works partly in 3dsmax already?
that said also an export to vantage would be very welcome


[C4D] Feature Requests / sky with clouds (like in vray 6)
« on: 2022-06-16, 00:30:18 »
as vray5 did get the nice new corona sky,
i hope corona 9 gets the great new cloud feature from vray? :)


as title says, i hope will be like scatter a tool for both engines:)

maybe it can make it into corona 9 ? :)

here i made a small setup for this:

just place the hdri you want in the corona sky object,
it will auto load the same in the c4d sky object and show it in the editor, hope this helps:)


love cosmos,
BUT: as the new physical mat has always a white reflection and no way to dimm it, many cosmos objects have way too reflective materials.
they come in with ior 1.6 or even 2 for many trees p.e.

- so please either bring back a way to reduce reflection manually,
- OR psl add a way that the cosmos libraries translate better with the new corona material, meaning very low ior values:)



for some reason here, when i use chaos scatter in my scene, in IR every camera move initiated a full scene parsing.
i guess/ hope this is a bug.

can you check that, as the scene and scatter not changes in relation to camera i think it should not need a new parsing of the scene, that makes IR not interactive any more. As soon i hide the scatter objects, IR is interactive gain without re- parsing the scene.

Or do i oversee something?

thanks for help!

Dear Corona team,

first a BIG thank you for the very nice v8 version! :)

i have one big feature wish though which might be very easy to add:
when i copy paste a c4d material from one c4d scene to another, c4d asks me if i want o copy the assigned bitmaps into the new scenes "tex" folder.
this is VERY useful when working with assets, or copying parts from one scene to a new one.

sadly with the corona materials this feature isnt activated. as far i remember it is a simple line of code to add to the material, so that c4d activates this feature from the hostapp.
(maxon sdk supports for sure can tell that)

if any possible please add this small but very helpful feature to one of the service packs, people will love you for that ;)

i found a Bug with the new tone mapping and connecition to cameras.

here and there when using IPR and switching between default cam and saved scene cameras, the tone mapping in the saved scene camera gets lost.

so the default obviously has a default tone mapping, my scene cameras special tone mapping used. when i switch to default cam and back to scene cam, the scene cam here and there has also only the default settings.

i hope it is understandable what i mean?

i had this happen in several scenes, but it only happens here and there, not regularly.

Hi All,

can it be the convert scene function doesnt work for vray 5? only for old vray 3.x?
or do i oversee something?

thx for help

[C4D] General Discussion / new lic questions
« on: 2022-04-13, 20:42:33 »
before i really use the new v8 with all machines in productions, some clarification on the new lic server use would be fine:

1) i am worried what happens if internet has an temporal outage;
how long can the office be without internet before corona will stop working (in case of internet issues), V-ray had been very strict  in that regard in past, hope that is improved with new chaos license server versions, like it needs only every 12h or 24h  a connection to the  internet or the like, before it all stops working.

2) or do i need to use the "borrow lic system from chaos to ensure 1)? i hope not, so that the regular system allows some downtime of the internet in default setup?

thanks for infos!

[C4D] Daily Builds / some small rc4 encounters
« on: 2022-04-12, 13:13:45 »
Dear Corona team,

overall the RC4 runs pretty smooth, i really love now the new tone mapping pipeline, thanks for that:)

2 smaller things happened in rc today, maybe some others had that too, so i report it to make sure:

1) i had a case where i made a new camera (so it a copy of the previous active one) and moved it, then i wanted to switch back to another and then back to the original camera, and it lost parts (newly added before to that cam) of the tone mapping settings. i had added an aces, and tone curve i think, which had been suddenly missing, and it also had then a false exposure.
i am not sure what happened but i had to go back to previous saved version to get the exact tone mapping back

2) the corona vfb vanished once for me, the only way to get it back was to restart c4d r 25.

so far both happened only once, and i wasn't able to reproduce yet.


as title says, is this possible?

i sadly get weird artefacts if 2 or more intersect

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