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Hardware / Ryzen9 5900x vs. 5950x
« on: 2022-10-10, 12:14:48 »
Hi, I am currently building a new desktop pc mainly for rendering, CAD and a bit gaming.
I have to choose between Ryzen9 5900x or 5950x for 170€ more. Is the performance difference worth the price? If I choose the "weaker" CPU, does it affect anything else than the render time?

Hardware / Re: Good Laptop for working with Corona
« on: 2022-10-01, 18:19:55 »
I bought a Schenker XMG Apex 15 in 2020 Ryzen9 3900, Geforce 2070, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD.
I am not sure wheter I was doing something wrong inside Cinema4d / Corona...but the way I used it for small to medium size scenes I had huge issues with overheating. It kept crashing at some scenes all the time, so I lost a lot of time and nerves trying to finish my projects. And at some point, maybe 1 year ago, when the laptop was 1 year old, it also started crashing when using only simple apps like internet browsers, Youtube, ect.

Except the crashing troubles the Apex15 feels very cheap regarding the materials used and also it's loud.

From my exlerience I would not recommand this kind of laptop for Rendering.

Learner’s Corner / Re: How can I improve my renderings?
« on: 2022-09-20, 09:59:48 »
thanks for your responds.
I will try megascans for sure, thank you. What size is recomended for textures? is 1000*1000 fine and I fucked up my material settings or is it the low resolution texture?

I do have a couple of architectural visualizer studios that I often watch, tho I am not always having one particular picture in my mind when I try to do a visualization.

Is it possible to move the topic to WIP? 😅

Learner’s Corner / How can I improve my renderings?
« on: 2022-09-18, 19:24:55 »
Hi there,

I am kinda new to Cinema/Corona. I made those renderings for an architectural competition.
How can I improve? I feel like my materials look kinda flat. For most of them I used 4 maps, Normal, Bump, Displacement and Roughness. I used 1000*1000px images from to create the textures. Also I had troubles with the concrete texture, since it still had those patterns even tho the texture images said seamless 😅 also the conrete was kinda shiny when you look at it from a very small angle.

Looking forward for any advices about materials, lighting, composition and anything else.

Best regards,
Mettigel Hawaii

Hi, thank you for your answers, I was in a hurry finishing a competition thats why I did not reply.
Yes, I am very new to Cinema/Corona 😅
I tried to select different faces of the objects, but it did not work, as BigAI3D said, i was using an imported model from Vectorworks as I do not know how to model in Cinema at all. In the end I exported multiple wooden fiber direction layers, for example horizontal 1, 2, 3 ect. and then i could fix the mapping for each layer exported.
That plugin for mapping looks nice, but i dont need it that often and for my purpose it's a bit too expensive.
What I was wondering, how can I create the texture for the cut through fiber direction?
 of a beam?

Hi Beanzvision,

how can I do that? Somehow I cannot select single Polygons from an object. I am trying to do the selection in the Polygon-Mode, but it does not work.

[C4D] General Discussion / Wooden trusses fiber direction
« on: 2022-08-31, 11:28:02 »

I would like to render a big amount of wooden trusses facing different directions. Is there a way to get the fiber direction according to the direction of the objects? So far I tried exporting different layers for each direction type, for example: wood horizontal, wood vertical, wood diagonal1, wood diagonal2. In the modelling editor it works, but when I render it, the fiber directions are all the same. (picture3)
Unfortunately I not only have 4 fiber directions in 1 truss, but also 4 directions where the trusses will face. How do I avoid having a loooot of different layers?

Best regards
Mettigel Hawaii

Thanks for all your answers.
So if I need a PNG image  for my Indesign layout (59,4*42cm) I dont need to change the dpi at all? Is there another way to adjust render quality settings then? So for example if I want to go for a quicker test render.
So only for the case I want to print my image DPI becomes relevant

I don't know which settings caused the larger image, thats why I pointed out what I changed in the settings, which was dpi, since I thought that dpi changes lead to higher quality in for my final render image.


I was trying to get an A2 image, so I chose 59,4cm*42cm in the render settings when I startet my cinema scene. At first I had 70dpi for testing, before I did the final render I changed to 200dpi. I saved my image as PNG but somehow it came out about double the size I wanted it to be and I had to scale my render to fit it into my presentation layout.
Does somebody know what I did wrong there?

Best regards, Mettigel Hawai

Thank you for your feedback!

@romullus: I already have a cooling pad.

I didn't get the point about CPU. I wsa thinking that Corona is using GPU to render.
How can I devide the rendering into batches?

I ran Cinebench 23. The short run which is 10 minutes worked well, the results you can see down below.
After that I ran the advanced benchmark and my Laptop shutdown 3minutes after starting it.
If it is the summer temperatures, what can I do? In about 3 weeks I gotta render my final pictures of my university project and like that it's really frustrating. (Side note: it's about 25 degress Celcius in my room)

The laptop crashes. It just shows blackscreen then and I still hear that the laptop is on, but no screen shown. How can I fix this problem?

my laptop keeps crashing a lot when I am using interactive rendering. It doesnt happen from the start, but after using cinema 4d for like 20-30mins setting up the render settings and material settings. I was confused since the different scenes were kinda small and my laptop is also only 1 year old.
I am using Cinema 4DR23 Corona 6 hotfix 1 on an Apex 15, Geforce RTX 2070, AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12threads, 32GB RAM

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Stains on the image
« on: 2021-04-11, 18:43:11 »

I uploaded it as a zipped data with the assets included. It's called mombasa endabgabe

- I had multiple light mixes and mulitple suns and light sources, because I was making different renderings in the same modell. I deactived the sun when I went from the interior to the exterior scene and activated the suns which I set up for the exterior rendering. Is there another technique? Maybe that caused troubles. I could work in different datas for different scenes, but that sounds like it would be a lot of additional work.
- Both of the pictures I was showing were Beauty passes, with different settings. Both of them have stains, one more than the other one though.
- I didn't know that Ambient Occlusion and GI are not supported. So I only have to set up Corona in rendering settings, the rest is not supported?
- I disabled Sketch and Toon and Caustics now.
- Is there something else than interactive rendering? I have only been working there. I didn't even set up a limit, I just waited after pressing render and saved the pcitrue when I was happy with the result.

Thank you guys for your answers.

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