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Hi frv,

this is a little personal work I had done in c4d.
Surely my work and my renders are not of the highest quality like those of other Corona users and gurus (both in 3dsmax and c4d), but I think that the difference between 3ds max and c4d is only due to the fact that in max you find many more "ready" things on the web but the use is practically identical.
Then if you have a problem, just ask in the forum and everyone will always come to your aid!

Hi guys,
little update...

I took a good look at all the potential of the "Corona Power Tools" implemented in 3dsMax and in the end I came to the conclusion that the native functions of c4d are nowhere near the potential of what Corona developed for 3dsmax (amazing work).

Small notes:
  • with Object replacer, in 3dsmax not only can you randomly replace objects by inserting them in the "Object replacer" list, but in addition to seeing in real time the various randoms (seeds) of what you replace you can also select their weight, and all the characteristics in advance as scale material etc etc... FANTASTIC!
  • Scene Cleaner, another AWESOME feature!!.. Yes, in C4D there are ways to clean, but not so immediately and with that list of utilities.
  • Random selection, another really cool feature when used together with "Replace Object"...
  • Pivot Tracer, either you use Benjamin's trick (you always have to position it "by hand") or it will never be possible to modify the Pivot of the Corona Proxies, and this is a big limit in c4d
A little effort guys, insert these features in the Lister or Tab which make their use much easier for everyone.

Another little request:
In the multipass, is it possible to add the function to select the channels with the "check box" and then activate the denoise or not (individually or all together)? We are always forced to select the channels one by one each time and insert denoise or not

Hi Nejc,

- you can't change a pivot of corona proxy...
- it would be useful to have a command in tab/list format to replace assets like in 3dsmax (much faster) ... insert it into the already existing corona "Lister Tab"?
- I forgot about the c4d randomize tools, tnx!!! (Here too, giving it a crown tab look like in 3dsmax would be nice and useful) ... insert it into the already existing corona "Lister Tab"?

Good points! If I may I'd suggest posting those as separate feature suggestions (topics). That way it'll be easier for the team to monitor them and also ask any questions the devs might have :)

I am very pleased that my post and my considerations are useful. Can you create these individual topics (I don't know how to add them)?

Another very useful thing for all of us at Corona would be that in the multipass there is the possibility of applying the denoise or not with a click to all the multipass levels created without having to select them one by one individually. Is including this function always in the corona "lister" as well as the multipass a bad idea?

Hi Beanz,

I'm so sorry, I made the wrong post to answer your question :)

Purchased... fantastic tnx!!!!!

Howdy! Here are some of my suggestions for the modeling / object placement features:

- Object Replacer -> "Replace with" under tools
- Transform randomizer -> "Dynamic placement tool" or the "Randomize" tool
- Pivot placer -> "Axis Center" tool

Hi Nejc,

- you can't change a pivot of corona proxy...
- it would be useful to have a command in tab/list format to replace assets like in 3dsmax (much faster) ... insert it into the already existing corona "Lister Tab"?
- I forgot about the c4d randomize tools, tnx!!! (Here too, giving it a crown tab look like in 3dsmax would be nice and useful) ... insert it into the already existing corona "Lister Tab"?

Hi Beanz,

I'm actually saying that the scale/size of the pebbles presets (proxy physical object) is wrong.
If it is gravel I expect this to be of the order of max 3cm in size not 30cm, otherwise it should not be called gravel but stones

Hi Beanz,

sorry but how do you replicate the above features natively?
I don't think Corona Power Tools and the Features I listed can be applied in such a direct way as was created by Corona for 3dsmax.
Is it too much if I ask you to provide examples regarding the initial request list? (corona rotation bitmap it's now ok).

Tnx Beanz for all

Hi Beanz,

it is a simple scene that anyone can reconstruct because it uses these elements:
- floor 400x400cm
- cube 100x100x100cm
- cosmos pebbles presets applied to the floor

result = wrong size pebbles, To view the scene correctly, you must set the scatter scale to 0.05/0.1, just as you had set in the screen.

Hi Beanz,

I tried the latest build, and it still gives me the same problem.
A small solution that makes the elements reappear is to remove the object from the scatter and then put it back in.

Furthermore, as you have also seen, there is a very large scale error in the gravel presets (u've set 0.05).

Hi guys,
any news about these features that would be very useful in c4d?

Hi Beanz,

thank you very much for the answers and info but some points both in my laptop which has an rtx 2070ti with intel and win11 and my workstation with 7950x and an rtx 3080 with amd 7950x win11 have the same problem.

I start from the scatter where I also attach the screens but first some premises (i've the latest build 12):
- the scale of the pebble presets is wrong, as you can see I have to set the object to 0.05 scale.
- if I change the size or variation of the scatter in the interactive it stops working and is not displayed.

As regards the scatter viewport, as mentioned above, I attach the three photos that demonstrate:
- scatter full, proxy full.. are not seen in the viewport
- scatter full, proxy box.. are not seen in the viewport
- scatter boxes, proxy boxes.. are now seen in the viewport

I will also post photos of the other problems later

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Low Rays/s.. is normal?
« on: 2024-03-06, 14:40:36 »
Can you try adjusting the step size to see if this helps at all?

hi Beanz,
sorry but I don't understand what you are asking me.. but I will be happy to help you

Hello Guys,

but the features that are present in 3ds max are very useful, when will they also be integrated into C4D?
- Scene Cleaner
- Object Replacer
- Pivot Placer
- Transform Randomizer
- Open Selection Randomizer
- OSL Shaders
- Corona Multiple Environment Maps
- Corona Rotation Bitmap


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Recap-List of problems encountered...
« on: 2024-02-16, 12:05:58 »
Hello Guys,

I hope a summary of the problems encountered and those known and still "present" can be useful, for me they are in the 2024 version (latest release) of both Cinema4D and Corona:

- coronapattern doesn't work in symmetry
- render instances are not displayed in the interactive
- the VFB corona camera is not synchronized with the active camera (problem already presented more than a month ago... where are we at?)
- corona materials often lose connections with textures present in the asset database.
- the corona proxies if used in the scatter are not displayed in full mode but only in box mode (if I deactivate the scatter set in full view, the proxy which is also set in full view is displayed again).
- biblical render times and low rays compared to previous versions (test already largely consolidated in previous posts of the empty room) and also compared to the same scene loaded in 3dsmax.. where are we with the known problems on AMD Threadripper and 7950x series?
- the crown tile is not displayed correctly in preview if this is set to world coordinates.
- corona lights do not work in mograph cloners as render instances but only as instances
- some materials from cosmos corona return message "Required V-Ray and Advantage"... emm i'm in corona not v-ray

If I forgot anyone or if there are others please let me know,

Thanks in advance to everyone

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