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[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2023-01-12, 18:46:06 »
I'm happy to help here on my M1 Max MBP - but wouldn't it be wise to provide a scene we can all use in exactly the same manner to standardise the results?

Just my 2c

that's a good point, let see if they agree and provide us one.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2023-01-12, 15:28:22 »

So whats next step? Do you guys have an macbook m1 there so you can test and find the issue?

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2023-01-11, 18:19:29 »
Here we go again,

Since the last test was with adaptivity ON I didn't test this time, I only tested with Adaptivity OFF

Low Power ON  - 19:58 min
Low Power OFF - 22:47 min

Both with Adaptivity OFF

I Also add the graph once again to show how the Pertformance cores are very messy. 

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2023-01-11, 14:57:53 »
I did the test as you asked,

25 passes with ON and OFF low power mode


Low Power ON  = 19:52 min
Low Power OFF = 21:45 min

Watching these 2 renders it's very clear that has something wrong on how corona use the cores? M1 pro is a 10 core cpu 2 Efficency and 8 Performance cores. therefore, if we take a look at the graphs i posted the 2 efficiency cores are taking the high load and the other 8 are like "thermal Throlling" going up and down, just to be clear they're acting like themal T. but they're not.. Like i said it starts with just few low minutes into the render right after pass 5  maybe that's the place to look at, what happenas after pass5  that causes the cpu to drop it's perfomance.

I hope this is very clear to have a better understanding.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2023-01-11, 13:36:55 »
I believe you got it all wrong and the test you saw it's not contrary what users are reporting...

"I can also clearly see in your video that:
with "low power" set to "never" the ray/s are lower than with "low power" set to "always". You get faster rendering with "low power" set to "never". It's contrary to what users are reporting in this thread."
A: Maybe because you watched 2-3 min of the video?

If you watch the video you're gonna notice that after PASS 5 it will drop the CPU usage ( Around 1:35 video time) to the 600%s.. and it will stay around 720% or less, after I  Turn LOW POWER MODE ON (ALWAYS) it will go up to 850%++, it would go higher but recording the screen will take a chunk of the cpu.. Like I said, the first 5 passes there's no problem at all, it keeps the cpu usage @ 950% and thats how it should be  the whole render, C4d Physical does that for hours  and does not thermal throttle.

Like I said, the CPU model is M1 Pro, I have attached the print

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2023-01-10, 19:19:57 »
Hello, and thx for you response Maru,

I took the time to do few tests to show you guys what a come up with,

I did 3 renders as show on the pic,

1 - Physical render from C4d
2- Corona - Low power off
3- Corona - Low power On

With these results we can assure that Thermal is not the issue here, I had 0 problems with physical stock render on c4d. But when we start using corona you can see the graphs all messy when low power mode is off and it gets a little better when it's on. Usually after pass 5 is when the speed start to drop. Even with higher temps on Physical it kept stable all the way towards the end.

I have zero knowledge on programing but the results sure show us something is off on how corona is using the cores, it uses the Efficiency cores at full blast and the performance cores are all messy. 
I Also did record the screen and you can see the difference with low power on and off.

I'll try to do test you asked for to see the differences.


Macbook pro 16" - M1 Pro
16gb ram
Cinema 4D 2023.1.3
Ventura 13.1
Corona 9 HotFix 1 ( also tried the latest 10v)

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2023-01-05, 13:24:54 »
Happy new year to all of you!

Let's not forget that soon this bug will be 1 year old!!

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Cosmos Keeps Refreshing - On MAC
« on: 2022-12-27, 18:12:03 »
+1 on refreshing Cosmos
+1 on notificatiom spam

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2022-12-14, 19:37:53 »
Perfect explanation!

We did report this long time ago and they came up with same explanation blaming Thermal throttle then and now, All we need is the true explanation about it, I don't know why they're dragging this for so long! NONE of the devs come with a real answear on when will actually look at it.   

What I see is that the dev team does not have a macbook machine to teste at, they probably have an mac mini m1 and that's all they call for.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2022-12-13, 20:28:26 »

Hi all,
After reviewing the issue, our dev team found that it is actually a CPU issue (thermal throttling).
I mean, you'd think that if you set your power preset to "High" you should then get all the power from the CPU, this idea is correct; however, Corona exhausts the CPU way more than the OS or CPU is expecting, so the automatic response from the CPU is to reduce the overall performance.
This is happening mostly on laptops (Macbooks) due to the inefficiency of their cooling system.
This shouldn't be happening when using a desktop computer (including Mac minis), as they have a more efficient cooling solution than Macbooks.
You can monitor the CPU temperature and the overall performance of the CPU by using either the built-in "Activity Monitor" app, or using the "TG Pro" app, or using the "iStatistica Pro for Mac" app.
I hope this helps.

hm, then why when we switch to low power mode and it goes full blast and does not throttle?

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2022-12-01, 12:33:53 »
Sorry for the delay. I can assure you that we are looking into this. We don't want to share any updates before we have some specific results and explanations from the dev team.

Thanks for letting us know!

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2022-11-29, 12:48:27 »

We have one more release and no ANSWER OR MENTIONS about this issue, the real question here is why the corona team is totally avoiding this problem? We're are paying just like everybody else and being totally excluded.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2022-11-11, 19:56:57 »
Hey mate,

M1 doesn't have the automatic setting, it's either on or off and that's the most annoying part having to switch on and off depending on what software you're using.

Hello? Any dev around? at least to say something about it? 

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2022-11-07, 14:38:03 »
Thx for yor response!!

that's exacly what the problem is, I also tried differente engines and only on corona has this issue. It has been like this for few releases already, we did report and some other post but never got looked at.

Please Devs take a look at it.


When upgrading to corona 9, scenes with interior lights and .ies files don't work. I have tried loading the .ies files again and the result is the same. Does not render the lights.
MacOs Montery, Apple M1 Max, C4d R25 and 26, Corona 9.
When installing Corona 8, the lights do straighten.

Still in Corona 9 the core usage problem in apple M1. Same scene in intel 990% use cores and 600% in M1. Activating power saving on M1 if it uses 990% of the cores but after 15 min it returns to 600%.
Please look at this. Thank you and greetings.

I'll try the light issue as well and let you know if I have the same issue,

Thanks to bring the issue up about the low power mode on macbooks , I created a New Topic and NONE of the devs even responded to it.

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