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Why not to use temporary the 3ds max "2D Pan Zoom mode" tool when you render IR in viewport?

Hello Yankee,

no, only the hard copy version is available =)



You can find the Material Library button on the Corona Renderer Official toolbar and in the TAB Renderer called "SCENE", in the "General Settings" rollout (^_^)

➡️ ➡️ ➡️  Corona - THE COMPLETE GUIDE  ⬅️ ⬅️ ⬅️



After four years of hard work, I am very proud to show you my second book 🥳.
"Corona - THE COMPLETE GUIDE" is the world’s first technical manual for Corona Renderer.
It's a volume created after more than twenty years of professional career in the 3D field, after six years of using Corona Renderer, and a close collaboration with Chaos Czech a.s..
Thank you so much to Corona Team for your support over the past years!


We are very close...


Simple way: delete 3dsmax.ini and you will reset 3ds Max to the default state (do backup first)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: infinity mirror error?
« on: 2020-10-06, 15:36:44 »
I thin he didn't like to see so many mirrors =)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: infinity mirror error?
« on: 2020-10-05, 12:36:31 »
Hello renderbox,

this is correct. Since Corona is a physics based engine, as in real life, if you put two mirrors facing each other, this is what happens =)

The "solution" is to change camera angle.


I hope you will like it (^__^)


I am proud to announce the release of the book --- Corona - THE COMPLETE GUIDE--- .
The writing took four years and it would never have been possible without the Corona team support.




Thank you =)


I'm using a dual monitor setup and 3ds Max is on the Monitor 2.

(*1) Open FILE A and click render: the VFB is on Monitor 1. Click stop.
(*2) Move the VFB on Monitor 2 and click render again.
(*3) The VFB is on Monitor 2: it remembers its position. Good.

(*4) Now I open a new FILE B and click render: the VFB is on Monitor 1 again.
(*5) So, I need to move again the VFB on Monitor 2.

I think it's a bit annoying. Is is a feature or what?

Thank you =)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Scatter
« on: 2020-09-09, 16:42:06 »
We have no official info.
From rumors, we should see something in the end of this year...

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