Author Topic: Corona 7 (nov.19) still crashes when adjusting textures with normal maps  (Read 1044 times)

2020-11-22, 08:35:47


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As you advised before i do not touch the normal slot when adjusting a material while VFB running but, if i modify diffuse or everything else its just crashes.... C4D R21 bug has been reported  before.
Can u fix this issue please ? Its makes ppl nervous when adjusting pbr mats. :D

Thanks: Levi

2020-11-23, 10:44:34
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Hello Levi,

I was not aware that the issue was spread to other parameters (other than from the normal shader). I have bumped up the priority on this.
By the way, it is not necessary to create a forum post with every daily build, we'll let you know in the changelog once we fix this :)

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