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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Sky volume effect
« on: Today at 09:37:45 »

There is unfortunately no way to control the volume effect bias.

For the other issue, it is known and we have it logged in our system. No updates for now, sorry.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Render 12 to Vantage?
« on: Today at 07:21:21 »
If you are using the v12 RC1 or June daily build, you can go to Render settings > System > Render in Vantage.
You should obviously have Vantage installed. Remember that no animation is supported yet, some maps and materials may not get exported one-to-one.

I was hoping 3dsmax 2025 and Corona 12 RC1 will fix this issue, but its the same.....Loading Corona Assets......Is very slow.

The exact changes a version, including v12 RC1, brings is listed in the changelog.

The only remaning, known as of today, slowdown when "Loading Corona assets" is displayed is related to cloth/garmet maker in 3ds Max and has nothing to do with Corona.
An investigation done yesterday has confirmed this. Corona is just unlucky that during this long loading Corona assets is written.

Please check this article covering the risks of using daily builds: Daily Builds FAQ
If you are familiar with the daily builds and know how to use them, download the newest one here:

User-Facing Improvements
  • Added an option to the System Rollout of Render Setup to directly render the scene in Vantage.
  • Added information about Corona EXR color space in the history item tooltip.
  • Added name of the currently edited LightMix element into the LightMix tab.
  • Added density scaling parameter in CoronaSky clouds (missed in the previous changelog).
  • Corona Bitmap will now use the Color space selected in the Open file dialog.
  • Added warning about deprecating Corona Material Library and moving it to Cosmos.
  • Added an error message when attempting to export a sequence to Vantage/Standalone.
  • If the current Max scene is not saved, it is exported to the %temp% folder upon clicking the "Render in Vantage" button.

  • Fixed issue where message boxes or dialogs shown in VFB2 stays visible after VFB2 is closed.
  • Fixed issue where VFB2 buttons were not properly disabled when switching from/to picking mode, editing mode, history comparison.
  • Fixed issue where loading CXR with unknown color space into VFB2 would lead to crash. It now shows warning and does not crash.
  • Fixed issue where Corona Camera environment overrides checkboxes appear as garbled text in the 3ds Max Track View.
  • Fixed crash in VFB2 when right-clicking on the DR entry.
  • Fixed DR tab in VFB2 not cleaning the old entries properly.
  • Fixed light mix tab flickering in VFB2 (e.g. during IR update).
  • Fixed issue where displayed statistics in VFB2 were inaccurate (actual ray/s, sample/s) or missing (max passes, dr passes, noise limit).

Regression bugfixes
  • The Bloom & Glare progress is now shown in the VFB2.
  • Fixed issue where docked VFB would only render in a small region, while the rest of VFB would be black.


Major User-Facing Improvement
  • Scatter instance brush: place or erase scatter instances freely or according to scatter settings.

User-Facing Improvement
  • Introduced on-demand mesh optimization/simplification (controlled by the polygon limit) to ease the viewport load in full mesh preview mode.
  • Extended the UI, so translate, rotate, scale and density control maps could be disabled/enabled easier.
  • Introduced hit-testing optimization, which overcomes a very noticeable lag on hovering/selecting scatter with many visible instances.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Cosmos material import erorr
« on: 2024-06-17, 17:03:02 »

Which version of Corona are you using?
Please double check and make sure Cosmos is up-to-date too.


To update you: I can confirm this, and I have asked this to be investigated. I will get back to you in case of updates, thanks for reporting it.

These are extremely detailed and excellent visuals! Congratulations for the prize!

Out of curiousity; have you encorporated any AI upscaling/improving in the renders? In so, it will be great to see the original renders too.

Awesome job once again.

There have been quite a few cases of this solved, a there are some left which are not quite Corona related - e.g. there is a known slown because of 3ds Max cloth plugin but it just happens when "Loading Corona assets" is shown, not related to Corona.

Are all 3ds Max versions equally affected?

The already done fixes should relate to all supported 3ds Max versions, yes.


We already have this reported in our system. We don't have a ASUSTOR to replicate the case 1 to 1, but may I ask you to try the following:
• Create another network accessible drive (e.g. one of the computers if that is the case), and store some of the textures there
• Try locating these textures just like you did before (load into CoronaBitmap), see if everything is fine with the new network.
This way we will narrow down the issue and understand if it has something to do with the actual NAS (model, system etc.) or not.

Just in case, make sure you run 3ds Max with admin rights too.

There is a major slow down in Corona - Loading Corona Assets..........

There have been quite a few cases of this solved, a there are some left which are not quite Corona related - e.g. there is a known slown because of 3ds Max cloth plugin but it just happens when "Loading Corona assets" is shown, not related to Corona.

It will be best to get the scene (or the trimmed down version of it) to try testing it on our side.

In latest daily build to export chaos vantage, Corona lights are not visible in chaos vantage light lister. Is that my problem or there is no feature to export corona lights to vantage as static.

They maybe imported as mesh objects with emissive material.
Improvements to light types support into Vantage are planned.

May I ask if using Corona12 (Daily Build Jun 7, 2024) to export. vantage, the animation camera in max cannot be synchronized


Animation unfortunately will not be supported for Vantage for V12 (as of current plans), it is too much of work. The support is initial to get started with Corona-to-Vantage, and also get feedback from users.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Interactive Rendering limit
« on: 2024-06-11, 06:37:05 »
I already mentioned the difference and the bias IR can bring to statistics. For any rendering limits - you do not know any of them unless you render and see how it goes, which can be translated either to time limit, noise level or pass limit. There is a separate time interval for autosave too, I am sure you are aware of this.

Vray and Corona are different renderers for difference specific needs. Corona will not be made to be like VRay, and VRay won't be made like Corona. Even though you consider yourself a VRay man, you just have to get fimilar with "Corona way" of things while using Corona and I am sure you will like it, just like many other Corona users. You are always free and welcome to choose the renderer you like to work with.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New VFB Skin and functionality
« on: 2024-06-11, 00:13:56 »
Im testing the new VFB, its pretty cool, I think you could improve a little bit if possible
Could we have a separate button for IR and resume Last? theres some space that can be used
Could we have a shortcut for 100% or adjust image to vfb window with double click (left)
Could we have a history settings here instead of in render setup System settings?
I have been wishing for a long time that we could have a permanent render history (in previous versions all images dissapear when closing 3ds max) for what Im testing in this daily if I use a custom folder, images are store in there, but if I use the trash can button images are deleted, could we have those deleted images in the recycle bin? Could we have a multiple folders for each project like in Vray? in there you can specify the folder from the Project folder


UI is still in progress.
For permanent render history - there is trach can icon and X icon, one clears from render history and the file stays on the drive, the other deletes all together. There is also sweep icon for batch clear and delete.
If you change the folder, every next history add will be stored in the new folder. This is currently stored as a parameters for each 3ds Max. Making it per-project can be a nice idea.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Interactive Rendering limit
« on: 2024-06-11, 00:07:56 »

Interactive render is more like in-process rendering, that is why it doesn't have the same rendering limits. For example if you zoom in to a portion during IR, only that part is rendered and passes, and noise levels, get biased by that part - but during production render there is no such behavior.
What is a practical case where you would need noise level instead of passes?

For interactive rendering limits being on another tab - this is the first time anyone bring this up, which actually makes sense, but it has been like this for years, now many users are used to it :)

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