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V8. Corona camera tag error/ignored with Team Render (Web Interface) again


Hi there,

It seems this and this bug is back in Corona 8.
Yet again it seems that the corona camera tag is not passed to the clients of the renderfarm and no post is applied.

Cinema R25
Corona v8
Team Render (Web Interface).

When we render an images on our internal renderfarm we run into the following issue:
- When a single image is split over multiple machine, it seems that the Corona Camera tag is completely ignored.
- When we render the same image on a single machine, the camera tag is properly applied.

This is a bug that was fixed before but it seems to be back again?

Can we get someone to look into this please?


Hi there,  Thanks for the heads up on this. We will look into it once again.
(Internal ID=886771167)

Hi Mate,

Thanks for adding it to the list, looking forward to the fix! It should be done 3 times as fast now right? :D

It would seem this bug has not been addressed in Hotfix 1?

When can we expect a fix on it as it causes a lot of extra work for our artists to do workarounds.


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