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thanks and i'll test it out with 2020 tomorrow.
edit: tested it on 2020 and i get the same error unfortunately..

Tested in 2020 and it works fine. I went through the code and I figure it might have to do with a missing daylight setup; you have to create a daylight setup for the script to work with. Create->Systems->Standard->Daylight button.

i've tried it on 2018, though i also have 2020 installed.

Hm, then it should work. I'll check it out when I get the chance.

hey i would love to use your script however i get this error. what am i doing wrong?

Could be just that it's getting old. What version of max are you on?

Can I ask what is the difference between the built in system in max for daylight system, and this one.
Thank you

It's not a different system, it's a quick panel to control the existing one.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Displacement direction
« on: 2020-01-30, 12:02:24 »
Any new fixes for this? I'm trying to displace the sides of cube shaped stone blocks and get weird radial displacement pointing in all directions. Is this a "feature" or a bug?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Exterior windows OSL shader
« on: 2019-10-09, 22:36:39 »
I forgot about this post. I've been away from Max/Corona for a while, but if I update it (before someone else does it), I'll post the file and an example scene.

I would like to add that the only reasons I still use Forest Pack is the already mentioned "edge trimming", but also "clustering". I get a lot more realistic nature with clustering, since a lawn or a forest aren't completely random. Can this be done with corona scatter, in an easy way? If not, I suggest it as a feature.

Gallery / An actual scandinavian apartment
« on: 2019-03-22, 18:19:54 »
A few studies from an apartment that was supposed to be a realtime thing (Unity/Unreal/VR, hadn't decided), but became images when I ran out of time to optimize for real time. Inspired by apartments I've been in, mostly in scandinavia, so technically speaking it's a Scandinavian Apartment.

Hi. Sorry, I didn't get any notification, so I saw you post now. I've updated the archive:

New and improved:

- Added a login screen for the main "list" (default is "user1":"pass1"). For now there is no interface to change the login/password, but you can edit it manually in settings/users.json. In the future I'll add a more secure login and a way to change it through the interface.
- Zoom. You can zoom in or out with the mouse wheel or with "+" and "-" icons.
- Included an "auto update" feature. It is now possible to update to the latest version with one click through the main interface (cog icon in the bottom). This means that you won't have to upload files to a server manually anymore.

About the thumbnails not showing: do you get any errors or anything else I can use to figure out what's wrong?

In coming versions:
- Separate logins for clients/projects or for one time logins
- Clickable "doors" to other panoramas/interface to add them
- Other stuff

Hello Monkey Brother,
I am currently testing your 360 degree viewer. I like the idea behind it and just imagine that this is a great tool to present our customers products. It's easy and simple, that's what I like about it.
I have a few suggestions for improvement and maybe you can implement them in a future version of your program.

1. Hide the overview page eg with a password. So that not everyone can see all pictures, eg from other customers.

2. Password input for specific images or customers.

3. zoom in and out function with the mouse wheel up to a certain level.

4. Especially with us no thumbnails are displayed. The 360 ​​degree pictures work but. maybe you have an idea why that could be.

Thank you for your help


Interesting, thanks!

The sponza example in their gallery looks too good to be true, there's a lot of detail in the stone texture that just isn't there in the un-denoised version. Are they stretching the truth a little or is that the AI magic? (sponza, 4th image from the top).

The sun is not a CoronaLight, and at present the Lister only lists CoronaLights :) Something that will change going forward (this was just a first implementation of the Lister).

Ok. thanks. I almost always have a daylight system/sun and for daylight exteriors it's often the only light, so it would be a nice (crucial) thing to have.

... is this a bug?

Thanks both. I'll wait a while.

Maybe not the right place, but is there a consensus on whether v3 is ready for production, or are there any major issues? Just wondering if I should upgrade my group and our farm.

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