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maya2Corona material conversion script


Thought I might share this, it is VERY early on script but it works for a lot of things (Phong, VRayMtl, VRayMtl2Sided, VRayLightMtl, Blinn, Lambert). I'm not sure I have the time to maintain this but it might be useful for someone to start.

There ARE bugs. :)

Execute it by using "maya2Corona" (without quotes) command

awesome! Thank you! 

Hope you or someone finds the time to expand this, the max version should probably be credited for about 50% of Corona renders success.

Funny!  I have done quite the same thing a long time ago, but for Arnold, Octane, V-Ray, etc..  I don't even remember if mine works, I am not sure it was auto-applying the new material.  The changelog says it does but I'm not sure lol.  I looked at your script and found some similarities with mine.  Mine is in python.  You can look at it just for fun if you want!  I did not include the UI images.

Why then i print "maya2Corona" nothing happend?

From memory you will have to select the materials you want to convert first.

Unfortunately I do not use Corona at all anymore so I think there is no time for me to modify the script.


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