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Keymaster, could you reveal some secrets about the "basic configuration" section? My questions: what is "Do shading" checkbox, what differences are there between different kinds of Random samplers? I think "Optimal 1S" works pretty nice, especially with antialiasing bright lighst, but I'm not sure.

DO shading is an error, it is a duplicate of render shading in main dialog, and as a result, neither does work. It is meant to disable all shading, for ultra-fast renders of independent render element such as z-depth.

Random samplers are highly TODO-ish stuff, most of them do not work.

Don't want to start a new thread for this: what is the recommended value for precomp density for final render in HD cache? In v3 it was 1.0 and making it higher would mean lower density. In v4 it's reversed, right? So setting it to 10 means too much?


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