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Scatter with collision detection

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Scatter now has collision detection, which tests intersections with bounding boxes.
I wish this would go faster, but I have to do this in my spare time, around commuting to work for my day job.

Nice to see progress here! I hope we can get control over overlapping, otherwise it's not very useful ;]

So nice to see the development of this great part of corona!Keep Up the good work! :)

Could I put in a request to give the user the ability to change the bounding box to a more complex shape? Kind of like how Mass FX automatically calculates a simple convex / concave hull object  to fit the object better than a simple box. This is especially important when you are scattering more complexly shaped objects - you can see already that no cylinders are scattered near the teapot spout in your example due to using a simple bounding box, so there's a lot of empty space that won't be filled. Overlapping control won't really solve this as it will just cause object intersections where you don't want them to occur.

That would be waaaay more complicated and waaaay slower


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